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@vv  of course i used limit my bad

@Carl Love I see ok thankyou for informing me

@tomleslie is it a package for Category Theory ? is that what top-level folk are into these days? :-|



Yeah because I learnt mostly at home and unsupervised there are some aspects of the way I code in maple that proving to harder to erase than smoking cigarettes! I have been experimenting with the remember option, do you know what file it stores data in? 

@vv yep I was originally only in disbelief due to being under the impression that I was executing "mul" when i wrote x^n as acer has pointed out 

@acer  ok no problem it's just a learning exercise

@acer  so is it possible to know which factorization algorithm was selected when i call x^n for example?

@acer  ok sorry yes that was the assumption i made i forgot about inbuilt code 

@acer  I'm not comparing to anything other than the computation time for computing $x^n$ using the method with squares, to the computation time for multiplying x n times, I'm well aware I dont understand how to write library level code you dont have to be mean, i just wrote the worksheet after reading the wikipedia page

@Adam Ledger  I mean i understand if it is when i read some of my question history on mapleprimes :-P

@acer  Well it's applications are pretty vast, do you mean what I want to do that requires this tonight? Basically specify a n-condition piecewise and have a point plot of the subsets generated being refreshed whenever I alter the lhs and rhs of any of these n conditions in the n textboxes generated, and then the option to generate independant plot components for ones that i deem significant

@acer very appreciated 

@Carl Love  ok thanks, i will have to force myself to begin with the question mark

@dharr Ok thanks that's much appreciated this would be a good place to start



Ok delete this one and ask again I think

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