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The video component is going to save me alot of hassle in that I was previously building external java applications for audio visual analysis purposes, with the downside of course being that I didnt have maple code at my disposal. 

I read in the manual for the video component that I can provide a HTTP address for which a video is located, which would mean i could probably stream an IP camera, but I can I use the localhost IP address with some sort of extension that directs to the I/O of a webcamera connected to my local machine?

A few months ago i completely lost one of my linux operating systems in a single line of commands I entered into the terminal, and at some point I want to utilize the StringTools package with commands like  RegSubs and RegMatch to output the matching strings that match for the current command line content in a linux terminal, so I will know before I hit the enter key how stupid it was of me to do so *prior* to hitting the enter key.


The part I have no idea about is the piping of the keyboard input  for a terminal window to the maple session that will output the strings matching as previously described. I'm sorry if this question is not very clear I will try clarify more this afternoon. 



The exclaimation mark as far as i know can be viewed as an instruction to maple to begin communicating with the host operating system in some way. I attempted to open cmd.exe in windows 10 by entering 




But was not successful in passing arguments with the intention they are to be interpreted by the command prompt as commands that should be executed once cmd.exe is open.


Another maple command, ssystem seems to accomodate all the basic purposes for opening a terminal of the host OS, but the examples only involve commands that will be understood by a linux terminal, not the windows command line. I have a number of linux virtual machines running on my windows system, would it be possible open a terminal in one of those from the maple installation on the host machine?



Hi, I am trying to get back into the habit of making maplets for the sake of uncomplicating things, I never had trouble with loading this package before, but strangely now when i enter:


maplet1 := Maplet(["Hello World!", Button("OK", Shutdown())]);



I get the error message:

Error, `Elements` does not evaluate to a module

For what ever reason I found myself curious to know more about how random number generators work, rand() being one of my favourite tools in the shed to call apon when conducting one of my hobbyist number investigations. So reviewing the output from commands:



Which was:

RandomTools:-LinearCongruence:-GetState := proc($)
                                                                      1   return LCState
                                                                            end proc

Due to my lack of understanding as to how the maple kernel is designed, I am struggling to understand how the end of parameters marker is able to be accepted alone as the parameter sequence for proc, and was unable to find a help page for "LCState". I'm in such a state of confusion on this matter, it's really difficult to present the forum with a concise question, I really only have a request for a direction to go to understand this package further more.

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