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The help page for interface states that errorbreak can be between 0 and 2, however despite being able to do so according to the output of 




My worksheet still breaks on most errors.


Is this something I am doing wrong, or is this because i am using maple 2016?

I have specified the problem in the red comments of the worksheet i am uploading:




currentdir("H:\\USB 1 BACKUP\\ESD-USB\\maple_library"):

["ArithmeticMean_Display_Definition.txt", "BinomialCoefficient_PadicOrder.txt", "Binomial_coefficent_p_adic_valuation_Display_Definition.txt", "CompareGeometricMean.txt", "CompareHarmonicMean.txt", "CompareMean.txt", "Compare_Arithmetic_Mean_Description.txt", "Compare_Mean_Description.txt", "ConsistencyCompareGeometricMean.txt", "ConsistencyCompareHarmonicMean.txt", "ConsistencyCompareMean.txt", "delta.txt", "delta_Display_Definition.txt", "digit_base_conversion.txt", "EulerProduct.txt", "GeometricMean_Display_Definition.txt", "HarmonicMean_Display_Definition.txt", "Mobius.txt", "MultiplicitySet.txt", "omega.txt", "p_adic_valuation.txt", "p_adic_valuation_Display_Definition.txt", "RationalParition.txt", "SquareFreeCount.txt", "WilsonTheoremLemma.txt", "WilsonTheoremLemma1_Display_Definition.txt", "WilsonTheoremLemma2_Display_Definition.txt", "WilsonTheoremLemma3_Display_Definition.txt"]



L := map(StringTools:-Has, FunctionList, "_Display_Definition"):

S[display] := {}:

for k to nops(L) do if L[k] = true then S[display] := `union`(S[display], {FunctionList[k]}) else S[procedure] := `union`(S[procedure], {FunctionList[k]}) end if end do;

for t to nops(S[display]) do read S[display][t] end do;



{"p_adic_valuation.txt", "Compare_Mean_Description.txt", "delta_Display_Definition.txt", "digit_base_conversion.txt", "ArithmeticMean_Display_Definition.txt", "BinomialCoefficient_PadicOrder.txt", "Compare_Arithmetic_Mean_Description.txt", "GeometricMean_Display_Definition.txt", "HarmonicMean_Display_Definition.txt", "p_adic_valuation_Display_Definition.txt", "WilsonTheoremLemma1_Display_Definition.txt", "WilsonTheoremLemma2_Display_Definition.txt", "WilsonTheoremLemma3_Display_Definition.txt", "Binomial_coefficent_p_adic_valuation_Display_Definition.txt"}


read S[display][5]

`The Arithmetic Mean for the multiset:`


[a[j]][j = 1 .. n]


mu[A] = (sum(a[j], j = 1 .. n))/n


read S[display][7]

`CompareArithmeticMean(L,N) will return output informing you of what percentage of N random`


`natural number multisets of the same length as the multiset L and same range=[min(L),max(L)]`


`have a lower arithmetic mean than L, equal to L, and greater than L.`





Can someone please explain to me why this occurs:




Join(["H:\\USB 1 BACKUP\\ESD-USB\\", "Chemical Engineering"])

"H:\USB 1 BACKUP\ESD-USB\ Chemical Engineering"


convert("H:\\USB 1 BACKUP\\ESD-USB\\ Chemical Engineering", 'symbol')

`H:\USB 1 BACKUP\ESD-USB\ Chemical Engineering`


convert('`H:\USB 1 BACKUP\ESD-USB\ Chemical Engineering`', 'string')

"H:USB 1 BACKUPESD-USBChemical Engineering"





I know that you can open the command prompt from within the maple interface, but how do i append instructions for it to execute a .ps1 script please thank you in advance 

Can i use the file tools package to change the file extension of a file or open up a powershell terminal to do so from within the maple interface via command line?

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