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I recieved the following error:

Error, (in ifactor/QuadraticSieve:-SieveCube) sieving failure

But when I review the procedure ifactor, it doesnt tell me anything about A Quadratic Sieve algorithm, and it's really long and looks dodgey and suspicious, like line 24 for example, why is it computing the greatest integer divisor of a local variable and a random enormous square free number? and then another with an additional factor a few lines later? 

The following message is displayed at the beginning of my worksheet when i reopen it, no data is lost because the nature of my code retrives it's optimal boundaries for the loops but i dont know what the hell this is telling me this for:

"Warning, .hdb help databases are deprecated, 'C:\Users\the_r\maple\toolbox\Syrup\lib\Syrup.hdb' will not be used, see ?HelpTools,Migrate help page for more information"

It appears in blue standard size courier font if that is help thank you

Is it asking me to migrate? My passport was stolen by clandestine pharmacists 


I need the final line of the uploaded worksheet to be the "Select Action", preprogrammed prior to the execution of the insert xml command, how do i do this?

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


I realize that it would be fairly straight forward for me to perform the necessary conversions on the raw data set elements to achieve the same result, but it would be helpful I think if I were able to load the transform into the plot command as I go, basically I want to implement the ability to make additions to the list that is on the coords help page, give the entry a name that plot()  will remember, because I will have commentary data on why I was looking at the plot, what ideas it was relevant to, references etc  and date of entry  etc etc that will also be associated with that name.

Essentially a hint as to where I should start is what I need 

When call_external is a part of a procedure, how does one retrive the code pertaining to the external function being called, and how does maple know what call_external refers to, I thought maybe the packages that have been loaded contain these instructions, how can I retrive the relevant code for a given procedure that contains call_external when 'showstat' is used to inspect a command's maple code?


The help page for call_external redirects me to define_external, which is really what I expected to need calling before call_external can take on it's necessary meaning.

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