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Hi, I am trying to get back into the habit of making maplets for the sake of uncomplicating things, I never had trouble with loading this package before, but strangely now when i enter:


maplet1 := Maplet(["Hello World!", Button("OK", Shutdown())]);



I get the error message:

Error, `Elements` does not evaluate to a module

For what ever reason I found myself curious to know more about how random number generators work, rand() being one of my favourite tools in the shed to call apon when conducting one of my hobbyist number investigations. So reviewing the output from commands:



Which was:

RandomTools:-LinearCongruence:-GetState := proc($)
                                                                      1   return LCState
                                                                            end proc

Due to my lack of understanding as to how the maple kernel is designed, I am struggling to understand how the end of parameters marker is able to be accepted alone as the parameter sequence for proc, and was unable to find a help page for "LCState". I'm in such a state of confusion on this matter, it's really difficult to present the forum with a concise question, I really only have a request for a direction to go to understand this package further more.

Look I have actually purchased the software 3 time in total throughout my life, but i have no money at this point but i have a Linux OS now and i am enjoying learning how to use that, so i was wondering if there is a standard old verson that is open source and availble for a Linux install

Ok so when a module is loaded, there is a .dll file that loads a list of symbols into maple.exe, what can be done if an error occurs for which the debugging output declares that the PDB file for the module could not be found? 

I have read that the program database file stores debugging information related to the locating symbols, how can i fix this if my computer isn't finding theres files for a list of .dll it attempts to load into maple.exe, or is there a way for which i can make these files for each corresponding module?

I get the following errors when attempting to use the Sockets package to interface with the serial input and output for a USB device connected and reported to have no known problems by Windows 10:

Error, could not determine determine port number for service "busboy"


Errror, cannot  determine "tcp"  service on port 998

server :=
proc (sid)
Sockets:-Write(sid, sprintf("Hello %s on port %d, from %s\r\n", Sockets:-GetPeerHost(sid), Sockets:-GetPeerPort(sid), Sockets:-GetHostName()))
end proc;

Sockets:-Serve(GetPeerPort(sid), server);
Error, (in Sockets:-GetPeerHost) Unknown error

sid := Open("localhost", "echo");

Sockets:-Serve(GetPeerPort(sid), server);

Error, (in Sockets:-Serve) cannot bind address: Unknown error
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