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I get the following errors when attempting to use the Sockets package to interface with the serial input and output for a USB device connected and reported to have no known problems by Windows 10:

Error, could not determine determine port number for service "busboy"


Errror, cannot  determine "tcp"  service on port 998

server :=
proc (sid)
Sockets:-Write(sid, sprintf("Hello %s on port %d, from %s\r\n", Sockets:-GetPeerHost(sid), Sockets:-GetPeerPort(sid), Sockets:-GetHostName()))
end proc;

Sockets:-Serve(GetPeerPort(sid), server);
Error, (in Sockets:-GetPeerHost) Unknown error

sid := Open("localhost", "echo");

Sockets:-Serve(GetPeerPort(sid), server);

Error, (in Sockets:-Serve) cannot bind address: Unknown error

I wanted to investigate this sum. can someone please help me identify why my code is producing the erroraneous output of 1/2 for every number, despite everything aside from the final computation being as expected.


Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Hi I need to know how to alter my input as to prevent certain things from being displayed in italics, but not others, for example,I type gcd(x,y) as input, I want the variables x and y to be displayed in italics but not "gcd".

I need to import a large collection of other alphabets into maple for a project for example, how would i import the below collection and have them available on the pallette?


Can someone please explain to me why i would be getting the error that i do not have permission to read a text file, when i can clearly open that text file under the same account.




first := readline("infile.text")

Error, (in readline) permission denied: no read access (infile.text)





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