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I get the same result here where I expected a difference to be acknowledged by the split command. Is there a more efficient way of handling this problem other than the substitution for another character, followed by executing the split  command, then substituting the substituted character with the original ?(here ":")


StringTools['Split']("fdsg543656fgh:576fghs:dsfg::657ufdgdsg", "::")

["fdsg543656fgh", "576fghs", "dsfg", "", "657ufdgdsg"]


StringTools['Split']("fdsg543656fgh:576fghs:dsfg::657ufdgdsg", ":")

["fdsg543656fgh", "576fghs", "dsfg", "", "657ufdgdsg"]






I am just confused to be getting this error seeings FileTools does not encounter this error when I use it's ListDirectory command:



["IMG_20200116_015953.jpg", "magetools"]


Read("H:\\MAPLE\\Image_Project", format = JPEG)

Error, (in readbytes) permission denied





I couldnt find this command in the number theory package, as far as what i am thinking of doing it should be straight forward but very long winded, so if I have missed this command throughout the packages up to Maple 2016 I would appreciate someone telling me otherwise I suppose it's what i am doing for the next few hours

Basically it spits out the subset of values for which a division by zero error will occur for the function you specify on  range you specify for each of it's arguments, but I get an ambigous error when ever exponentiation features in the function I specify, which of course dramatically reduces the application of the calculator. Division,addition,substraction and multiplication are currently the only available arithmetic operators availble for the function window that I know the error will not occur.

If some one can help it is much appriciated

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