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I don't understand why maple is ignoring my predicate in this worksheet

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Instead of getting a pop message telling me I have been cut off from the maple kernel can I please know how to recieve that error in the output of my worksheet instead?

Why does it insist I have to close and reopen the worksheet?

I was just thinking that if it were in my worksheets output I could have the current procedure in a try catch statement and write the occurance of the loss of server connection to a text file that is being checked by a script that will then send the necessary keystrokes to maple to save the worksheet close it then reopen it

In the help file the permitted declartions for the second argument of the Escape command from the StringTools package are html,regexp and xml, to not specify one, which as far as I can tell instructs maple to take all characters as plain text with no escape characters.

Is this the complete list of options for the form when using the escape command?

Or is it possible to custom build escape rules?


I get the same result here where I expected a difference to be acknowledged by the split command. Is there a more efficient way of handling this problem other than the substitution for another character, followed by executing the split  command, then substituting the substituted character with the original ?(here ":")


StringTools['Split']("fdsg543656fgh:576fghs:dsfg::657ufdgdsg", "::")

["fdsg543656fgh", "576fghs", "dsfg", "", "657ufdgdsg"]


StringTools['Split']("fdsg543656fgh:576fghs:dsfg::657ufdgdsg", ":")

["fdsg543656fgh", "576fghs", "dsfg", "", "657ufdgdsg"]






I am just confused to be getting this error seeings FileTools does not encounter this error when I use it's ListDirectory command:



["IMG_20200116_015953.jpg", "magetools"]


Read("H:\\MAPLE\\Image_Project", format = JPEG)

Error, (in readbytes) permission denied





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