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only packages used was the number theory package for the divisor function, oh and the statistics function for the counting of a list. that might be in ListTools actually anyway it used to be in the statistics package. it had reassigned alias to that function for the purpose presentation in paper im writing but yep sorry that would have been unnecessarily confusing.

ok ill take out the unrequired alias usages and reupload?

sure yep well i am going to get around to writing a formal explaination of  the principle of it but essentially its a bit of a cheap n dirty trick based on the expectation of the number of elements being three for the final set to be counted in the iteration to consist of only 3 members, a prime,the number 1 and 0. but yes it does work up to a given number i just want to evaluate how efficient it is for curiousity. will put up the step by step derivation for im a bit backward as you might say.



but thanks for the short cuts for the conversions i guess i just got in the habit of using what is called by the mouse click selection on the output and assumed its the shortest way.

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