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@Adam Ledger  I mean i understand if it is when i read some of my question history on mapleprimes :-P

@acer  Well it's applications are pretty vast, do you mean what I want to do that requires this tonight? Basically specify a n-condition piecewise and have a point plot of the subsets generated being refreshed whenever I alter the lhs and rhs of any of these n conditions in the n textboxes generated, and then the option to generate independant plot components for ones that i deem significant

@acer very appreciated 

@Carl Love  ok thanks, i will have to force myself to begin with the question mark

@dharr Ok thanks that's much appreciated this would be a good place to start



Ok delete this one and ask again I think


Ok cool thanks for that, if the code is third party isn't there something I can call to output it's distribution and ownership status? Like I remember being able to output the copyright etc for the maple kernel at some stage, unfortunately I am really only just starting to learn computing properly so I don't know enough about dynamic libraries to be able to identify the relevant .dll file and or work back that way, so it would be helpful if there is some means of looking up the authors etc so I can find them online and email them..? I'm just conjecturing here it may not be possible in any sense 



What was the threshold they specified to you in each of the attempts?

I mean if this forum has sufficient interest for maplesoft to maintain and actively engage, surely that serves as evidence that a maple SE site will have similar numbers, and there is a plethora of SE sites that have been approved to the meta stage, for some of the most ridiculously obscure fields of interest, I am very skeptical as far as suggesting there is less interest in Maple. 


Show me how you recovered this when I download his sheet it is blank

@Carl Love  yeah i remember a while back i encountered alot folk trying to tell me that 0 is a natural number and i think this might be central to that kind of fallacy forming, it's funny it's one of those mistakes that seems impossible to completely overcome without constant reminder, and it's easy to fool yourself into thinking you're above making such a simple error

@Christian Wolinski 


Ok thanks i yes i cannot believe how embarassingly simple it really was

@acer  ok great so all I need to do is make plain text files for every commandline in my worksheet and replace them in the worksheet with a read command, and it will flow as per my previous expectation?


Yes in addition to the issue with "\", which is normally remedied by adding an additional "\" when the string is intended to be taken as a file path either buy currentdir() or a command from the file tools package, sometimes an additional white space is added when one of the path's subdirectories contains a whitespace, and so this eliminates the option of my using the DeleteSpace command from the StringTools package as i have done before, so I think perhaps the easiest way for me to get by this issue is to either write a sh script or powershell script that will replace all white spaces in the directories within my parent directory, enabling me to avoid the errors that seem to arise when using these two maple packages together, I mean they are both indisposable for me personally so I can't avoid using the two in the same worksheet.



This is very stange for me, it can launch notepad.exe no problem without a path specified, even though currentdir() isnt the path of notepad...

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