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ok but I was already splitting a string so its not like i was being conciously lazy this time theres a logic to why i didnt go to the help page


Well the precise full location is not really relevant, which is why I mentioned Filetools had no objection to me requesting permission to look at the folder's contents.

i am trying to read an image that is a copy of a photograph taken by a phone that i own, located in directory, on a usb, for which i also purchased with a centralized currency, and hence own, just to emphasize why permission is an odd error

And I don't understand the third question I wasnt even aware that delimeters are being incarserated against their will!

@Kitonum thanks this immeasurably helpful!

Well basically you just archive it with a rand() serial number and you make a random old worksheet selector that way you have no way of knowing it's about to ruin your night and they accumulate in number so you grandually become accustomed to always being angry with mathematics

@Carl Love I mean it is most certainly possible, there are plenty of other examples that maple with refuse to evaluate the sum for because i havent supplied it with enough assumptions, or loaded a necessary package

@Carl Love  yeah it certainly has never happened before, another interesting point is for the first execution, the error message only read: "Error,..."  followed by a loss of connection to the maple kernel, i was ablet save the worksheet, which i did, and left it to run for the second time, came back hours later and found the message as it is in the upload

@vv  of course i used limit my bad

@Carl Love I see ok thankyou for informing me

@tomleslie is it a package for Category Theory ? is that what top-level folk are into these days? :-|



Yeah because I learnt mostly at home and unsupervised there are some aspects of the way I code in maple that proving to harder to erase than smoking cigarettes! I have been experimenting with the remember option, do you know what file it stores data in? 

@vv yep I was originally only in disbelief due to being under the impression that I was executing "mul" when i wrote x^n as acer has pointed out 

@acer  ok no problem it's just a learning exercise

@acer  so is it possible to know which factorization algorithm was selected when i call x^n for example?

@acer  ok sorry yes that was the assumption i made i forgot about inbuilt code 

@acer  I'm not comparing to anything other than the computation time for computing $x^n$ using the method with squares, to the computation time for multiplying x n times, I'm well aware I dont understand how to write library level code you dont have to be mean, i just wrote the worksheet after reading the wikipedia page

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