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How can I draw a "regular looking" histogram where all the bars adjacent to each other?

I tried looking into the options for histograms with no luck. I included a picture of what kind of output I am looking for.

Thanks in advance.



the quartile function gives the wrong answers.

list := [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]

Q1 does NOT come back as 2.5 as it should, nor does Q3. I get these weird decimals.

I looked at the help for it but wasn't helpful. All the examples in the help are super complicated. No simple examples like the one I mentioned here.


The maple I used at school is a much older version and when I do Definite Integrals there and copy it to Word as part of the project, it just copies perfectly.

Now I have Maple 16 at home and when I have a definite integral, I have to copy it using copy special and take it as an image to MS Word. That's not the problem. The problem is the limits sometimes seem to be cut off. The left hand-side image is the older version of Maple. Limits look perfect and even the integral sign is darker and so on. The right hand-side image is the Maple 2016. Can anyone help me change the style on Maple 2016 so it's like the old one so the integrals look better on my project. Thanks alot



It is possible to display something like:

4 + 3 = x - 1

without Maple actually adding the 4 and 3 and putting that as a 7?


Same idea with sqrt. Is it possible to write sqrt(9) in a worksheet and actually seeing it as square root of 9 rather than a 3. Maple automatically simplifies everything so it's kinda hard to show a step by step process. Is there a way to solve this problem?

To be clear, I am talking about typing this into an active worsheet line. I know I can do a lot of this if I just do text becuase text lines obviously don't execute. They just display text. The reason I need to have this working is becuase sometimes I would have a command line where I want some of it to be excuted and some of it not so I can't just use text.

Thank you


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