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I want to LinearSolve a square matrix (434160,434160) with sparse storage.

When I use SparseIterative with levelfill = 1, the commande gives a solution with very bad precision. I used many other options to get better precision without succes.

When I use SparseDirect (which I want to use), my PC (with 16G RAM) is bloqued and I must shut down it. 

Is any advices to use SparseDirect for matrix with high dimensions and sparse storage. 

Or, I must use another PC or another type of storage.

Thanks in advance.


The procedure below work well without using the package LinearAlgebra.

The package conduct to an error.

Thanks for any advice.


with(DocumentTools); with(DocumentTools[Layout]); with(StringTools)




iterration := proc (a, b) local MV, Tlayout; global P; MV := parse(Trim(StringSplit(Split(interface(version), ",")[2], "Maple")[2])); Threads:-Sleep(.2); P := P, plot([[a, b]], style = point); Tlayout := Table(Column(), widthmode = percentage, width = 40, alignment = left, interior = none, Row(Cell(Textfield(InlinePlot(plots:-display(P, title = typeset(Iteration = a))))))); if 2018 < MV then InsertContent(Worksheet(Tlayout)) else InsertContent(Worksheet(Group(Input(Tlayout)))) end if; return  end proc




for j to 10 do a := j; b := j^.5; iterration(a, b) end do


Hi all,

I'm using dsolve (numeric) for a system of ODE with initial conditions.

Is it possible to show (at the same time with solving) the values of time and an unknown when solving a system of ODE before the end of calculation. Of course, the calculation time is high and I want to know before the calculation is finished if the solution is converging.

Also, I use the option range in my calculations from 0 to 200s (seconds) and more. I do'nt know how I can speed up the solution with less memory.

Please find in the attached file an example.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi all,

How to get the real and imaginary parts of this complex expression.

Thank you in advance

Hi all,

I have some difficulties to get simple real expressions for those simple integrals with assumptions.


NB: With mathematica, I get simple real expressions results.


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