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@tomleslie Thankyou so much for your help.

@tomleslie I need your help in this case(given below), when Pde involves a conjugate. would we apply same verification test or use some simplification? I used the same procedure but result is not correct.

assume(x::real, sigma::real, t > 0, theta::real, c::real, k::real);
assume(k <> 0); assume(sigma <> 0);
pde := I*(diff(V(x, t), t, t))+diff(V(x, t), x, x)-I*sigma*V(x, t)*(conjugate(V(x, t))*(diff(V(x, t), x))-V(x, t)*(diff(conjugate(V(x, t)), x)));
sol := V(x, t) = -exp(I*(k*x+(c^2-k^2)*t+theta))*sqrt(1/(k*sigma))*c*sech(c*(-2*k*t+x));
R1 := evalc(simplify(pdetest(sol, pde)));
R2 := evalc(simplify(eval(pde, sol)));

@tomleslie thank you sooo much for your help.

@tomleslie thanks for yor precious reply.

pde involved a term (abs(V(x,y,t)^2)) and may be it would not simply verify by pde test. 

@Mariusz Iwaniuk Thanks for your kind reply.

given pde is solved by a anlytical technique. which gives us some solution and V is one of them. solution is correct but how it would verify given pde is the main question. I used some asumption but not found correct verification. so plz help me.

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