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Hi Experts

The following code

P := plot3d(cos(x)*cos(y), x = -Pi .. Pi, y = -Pi .. Pi);
exportplot("./test.eps", P, "eps");

results in a very different exported image, depending on if it is executed from a .mw file or a .mpl. How can I get the .mpl export to look like the .mw export?

Details: I understand that .mpl might require adding axes=boxed, but especially the orientation is very odd. It doesn't even orient it like the ASCII plot.

Using ScientificConstants[GetElement] I'm supposed to get all the element constants, but I don't see the molar mass and have trouble believing that it isn't defined.

Question how do I get the molar mass of an element?


I have this spring setup:

spring setup


Now I wan't to analyse the motion of the springs, so i create this equations:


I'm trying to solve this trigonometric equation:

e := 4·cos(t)+2·cos(2·t)=0. In the interval 0..2·Pi

However when i try: 

solve([e, 0 <= t <= 2 Pi], t, AllSolutions, explicit)

I won't give my a straight answer.

I have also given Student:-Calculus1:-Roots a try:

Student:-Calculus1:-Roots(e, t=0..2·Pi)

But it will only give me an answer when i use the numeric...


The coefficient of determination also known as R^2 tells how good a fit is. If R^2=1 the fit is perfect an if R^2=0 it's useless. But Maple don't have a native function to calculate R^2. I seached and found this:

But it only describe how to calculate R^2 on a 

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