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I am new to parallel computing, but as my current desktop is struggling with caclulating Groebner bases (i've been locked out for most of a week), I've contacted my universities center for scientific computing in the hope that they could do the caclulations.

However, I've been told that maple doesn't run in a distributed-memory parallel sense; as parallelisation in maple is very new - and i couldn't find discussion of this in the documentation - I thought it would be best to ask here if it does.

Secondarily can commands from the GB package be implemented in a way that would benefit?
if not can other similar commands like solve or eliminate?


I am woking on a pharmo model for a freind, and it includes a variable called depot that needs to jump up by 150 every 24 hours.
currently I have written it as:

diff(Depot(t), t) = piecewise(t = 0, -Ka*Depot(t)+150, t = 24, -Ka*Depot(t)+150, -Ka*Depot(t))

clearly thats wrong though, as the +150 s don't make it jump up by 150 because of the small step size.

(at t=0, it adds 150*a small step size, at 24 it looks like it adds 150* a vastly smaller step size, what I want would be much closer to a series of pulses each decaying to almost 0 and then getting boosted to just over 150)

My intuition is that i need to use the dirac delta function but in such a way that its integral adds 150 instantaneoulsy every 24 hours. I have no idea how to do that!

I've just realised that this ode has an obvious solution, so you can trivially make a function that adds 150 every 24 hours and exponentially decays in between.  However there are other models that hopefully i'll being doing similar work on, that don't have nice solutions]


Hi i was trying to numerically integrate my freinds model with dsolve, and i am sure that I have put all the right components in the command as described in the help page, but it doesn't work. (Here is a worksheet with the model )

What is the problem with the way I have called the function?
Does anyone have a mental checklist that they use for dsolve commands? because I often struggle with making them work.

^ in this worksheet I have made a graph of a variable in a simple ODE against time (shown below), at t=150 a switch condition, in the worksheet called tswitch, changes the rates of change of the ODE.

I am thinking about afunction that maps tswitch->solution of the ODE and would like to visualise it as a 3d surface, but couldn't work it out in Maple


I have just made a bar graph in

and i would like to set it to be logscaled, but could not find an option in the documentation, or a way of using a logplot to get similar functionality

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