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I didn't catch the meaning of the first sentence.

Could you post a modified code?

Filed Technical Request on this one.

Here's a comparision between the Maple layout and the Print Preview.

  • Text in components fixed sized, or changeable?
  • Table size for A4 long max. 500 points
  • But size between image and table changes between Maple on screen and Print Preview

Couldn't find anything useful, so I filed a Software Change Request.

It should be possible to scale print to page width, or something similar.

Apparently logical expressions with < or > don't work either when one of the values is zero, and the other one a unit.



@acer Thanks, exactly what I wanted.

Found out that the answer to that question is, that I should stick to the procedures provided (AddAttribute, AddChild).


Thanks a lot for your help, now it's working.

Actually there were 2 things which didn't work in the previous solution. The first one was that there were additional spaces between the 2 words, I don't know where they come from.

The other thing was that I was missing the "eval" statement. I still fumble in the dark when to use "parse", and when to use "eval". Right now I try one of them first, and then the other one. It seems that I need both of them in this case.

Last thing to fix from my original posting is that we were talking about double quotes, and not apostrophs...


I've modified the code a bit, and transformed the code to something easier to check for everyone.

Right now the code doesn't work yet. It's based on the StringTools solution, but I think the problem would be similar in the other solutions.

Today a new release came out - and it fixed the problem (at least on my PC).

Download from Maple Cloud apparently now works.

I think it should be considered to add a new type of variable especially for workbooks to Maple.

Right now there are those types as far as I can see.

  • local variables
    variables within a procedure
  • global variables
    variables outside of a procedure, but within the same worksheet. Their values are however not stored between sessions.
  • "persistent variables"
    Those are global variables, that are stored in an embedded components. Those values are persistent between sessions,

I would prepose a type of variable that is both persistent between sessions, but also accessible from different worksheets in a workbook. Those variables could be stored in a special workbook folder, like code is already stored nowadays.

This new variabletype could be called "meta", or "super" or something like that.

@Joe Riel @acer

Thanks for the clarifications everyone.

I guess that's a definite answer then and I'll have to accept that.


I don't agree with your point of view at all.

Do you have any example where that would be useful?


I think I finally found what I want.

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