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I'm using Windows 10, norwegian edition.

For your information, I have got feedback from support, that this case has been escalated to the development team. I'll post an update as soon as I have heard from them.


No, that didn't fix the problem either.'

Btw., I am using a 1920x1280 resolution on the monitors (2x in Homeoffice, 3x in office).

I've filed a support case on that one now.

The problem is difficult to reproduce, because it just happens in some documents.

  • So far I have been unable to reproduce the problem in a new, clean document.
  • Opening a new document in the same workbook doesn't show the problem either
  • The only thing I can say is, that things look different in the affected workbook.

Here's a screenshot of 2 Maple sessions, where one of them shows the problem, and the other not.


I can reproduce the problem on a different PC with a different graphics card.

Switched off anti-aliasing, no change.

@Carl Love 

If you are saying that current version is 1.2.3, then I'd say yes.

@Thomas Richard 

On the one side - good to know.

On the other side, this branch has reached end of life in august 2015...

Thanks a lot, solution verified.

Looks like this is the way it should be.

If I want a text description, it needs to be put in the attribute list, not the name of the XML element to create.


I've made it a habit to copy files to the local PC, especially when working via VPN.

Haven't had any problems afterward either.

So for the moment it's not reproduceable anymore.

As far as I remember there was neither a file called "C" nor a attachment with the name "C". So the error message must have come from somewhere else.

@Carl Love 

Thanks a lot for your patience.

I've done some more tests, and as you write in your last comment, the problem is the parse instruction, not the table that is returned.

Looks like this is a reoccurring problem on my side.

In my opinion using declared globals in a procedure is generally a poor programming practice. Using parse to turn strings into names -- within a procedure -- is also generally poor a programming practice.

@Joe Riel 

I think the attached example resembles very much your second example, where all variables are declared local.

But the question is, how do I fix the code so that I get back the values, and not the name of the variables?



test := proc()


result := test()










Apparently not :-)

I've tested all of the programs I wrote recently to use the Units:-Simple package, and all but one ran without any problems.

The one that didn't run properly had a problem during units conversion. But actually that was a bug in my program. It might be that the Units:-Simple package actually helped finding the bug, while the Standard package justed worked on. But I am not sure on that either.

So it looks like that I will change to the Units:-Simple package from now on.


[`*`, `+`, `-`, `/`, `<`, `<=`, `<>`, `=`, Im, Re, `^`, abs, add, arccos, arccosh, arccot, arccoth, arccsc, arccsch, arcsec, arcsech, arcsin, arcsinh, arctan, arctanh, argument, ceil, collect, combine, conjugate, cos, cosh, cot, coth, csc, csch, csgn, diff, eval, evalc, evalr, exp, expand, factor, floor, frac, frem, ln, log, log10, log2, max, min, mul, normal, piecewise, polar, root, round, sec, sech, seq, shake, signum, simplify, sin, sinh, sqrt, surd, tan, tanh, trunc, type, verify]


a := 15*Unit('kN')



b := 0*Unit('kN')




if a < b then "True" else "False" end if




Download CompareUnits_(1).mw


No, didn't try that one.


But why doesn't it come with an error exception then?

If I do sin(2,3,4) I'll get an Error, (in sin), expecting 1 argument, got 3.

The equivalent function for degrees seems to give different results, and I don't understand what it does actually.


[ConvertToDegreeForm, ConvertToRadForm, HasTrig, SetDefault, Simplify, arccosd, arccotd, arccscd, arcsecd, arcsind, arctand, cosd, cotd, cscd, diff, expand, int, secd, sind, solve, tand, trigsubs]


arctan(1, 0)NULL



arctand(1, 0)



arctan(0, 1)



arctand(0, 1)



arctan(0, -1)



arctand(0, -1)





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