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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

Any chance to get a dataplot with units in one or both axis?

Or is this another thing where units are cause of trouble?

We have just run into a problem (loss of data), when 2 users have opened the same workbook.

Does Maple support Multiuser access to a workbook, and if not - why isn't there any lock mechanism in place to prevent that?

Why are units disappearing in this expression?

The answer should be 0 kN, not 0.

Is there any possibility to define which units are used in components, like MathContainers?

I would like to have kN/m, I get mm2*kg/m3*m/s2...

What have I done!

Whatever I have created - Maple doesn't think it is a list.

The question is - what is it then?

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