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@Scot Gould 

Yes, I have seen that one.

It was very useful, one can be very glad when the best share their skills.

Would a similar workflow be possible to Maple also?


Probably you guys know what the meaning of " if it had been entered or read from a file" is, but for other users (like me) the meaning of this sentence is not obvious.

I still stand by what I wrote, that the help file should be more specific here.


If that is the case (which I am sure it is), the help file should be updated.

@Carl Love 

I have no real experience with ChatGPT, but what I heard is that it just makes things up.

In my case I replied that this function isn't exisiting, ChatGPT excused that it was wrong, and came up with 2 alternatives which also didn't work.

But everything was very convincing :-)

First of all I have to say that I have never worked with Graphs, so please bear that in mind when answering my questions.

In the BavarianCities example of the GraphTheory:-TravelingSalesman explanation, the CompleteGraph function is used to generate all possible edges between the cities.

Might be that you just didn't use it in your example, but as far as I can see some possible edges like 1 - 3 and 2 - 5 are missing.

What I would like to have is a solution that either just starts in 1 and gives the shortest route to all other points, or starts in 1 and ends in 5, with the shortes route between those start- and endpoints - including all points and not using an edge two times.


Thanks for the tip, I do however see one issue.

The Travelling Salesman Problem apparently requires to go back to the starting point. This is not in my case, I do not want to get back to the starting point, but just want to connect them in the shortest possible way.

The background for my specific problem is that I need to calculate the capacity of a timber connection with bolts, where the bolts are in random order. For that I need the minimum net area of the section. The starting point will be a point on the edge nearest to the outermost bolt on the one side. The end point will be a point on the opposite side, nearest to the outermost bolt on the other side.

The GraphTheory:-TravelingSalesman allows to define a startvertex, which is helpful. But as far as I can see it will also end in that point.

Regarding ChatGPT, I've just used it as I don't have any clue about how to tackle the problem :-)


Perfect, thanks.


It actually seems to work with Ctrl-X - Ctrl-V.


Sorry, the formatting of the question was not good. Every first line of the code was a definition, every other was the result.

But here's a Maple sheet that shows the problem.

@Rouben Rostamian  

Thats hardly the case here, the path is on our (new) server (via VPN).

(If the error is referring to the file location of the file, which I am quite certain about).

Don't know if that helps.

I've just got an error message poping up on my screen. This didn't come during startup or any active process from my side (like saving), but after a period of time.

I guess this might have something to do with an autosave, but I am not sure.

Translation is "System doesn't find specified path".


I doubt that this problem is Windows related, as we are using those path lengths all the time without any problems.

Might be related to Java, and not even to the path length, but some special characters in the path.

In addition it is not that it isn't working. Opening the file goes fine, but saving takes very long time, and sometimes I get errors. Moving the file on a local path doesn't show the problem.

Just want to inform that I previously had filed a case in the Maple Beta forum about this issue, and got a final answer from development.

Resolution: None -> As Designed / Not a Bug

I still do not agree about how Maple behaves, but I guess that we have to live with it.

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