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Good day to all, i want to plot the matrix but here is a problem...


x(t) := `<|>`(`<,>`(.9582+1.9874*t-2.059*t^2+2.6184*t^3-3.7508*t^4, 1.11935+1.4898*t-.6319*t^2+1.037*t^3-1.4695*t^4))

matrixplot(x(t), t = 0 .. 4)

Error, (in plots/matrixplot) cannot convert first argument to a floating-point matrix

please help me...... how to solve this?


I need your help in state space system.... kindly guide me how to solve State Space system in maplesoft.....i excecute the command but i didn't find the answer....can you plz help me?I have been trying for two weeks now but it is not working.Thank you!!

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