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I am missing the F1-help to work properly after highlighting words
at least for the following

invfourier ---> completely missing (it is in inttrans)
invlaplace ---> completely missing
invmellin  ---> completely missing
fourier    ---> MTM[fourier], but not inttrans

Parts      ---> completely missing (expect it in IntegrationTools)
Flip       ---> ImageTools[Flip], but not...
For t := x^(1-I), f := arcsin(t) + arcsin(1/t) i have problems with

  dd:= PDEtools[dpolyform](y(z)=f,no_Fn);

                    dd := [-- y(x) = 0] &where []

Maple is missing the 'standard' notation for the cumulative normal distribution and uses the error function instead (for historical reasons I guess).

However that would be quite convenient to read and formulae in a common notation.

While I see the marketing broschures I would appreciate infos on a more technical user level
(and I am not so much interested in the Standard interface, I mean the application level).

Is it possible to say more towards that (without looking through massive download videos)?

Some links to illustrative worksheets?

Always missed such for new releases ...

Since some days I can no longer save threads in html format in a readable way.

Was there anything changed?

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