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Is there a direct command to give the (first) index in a list,
for which the entry coincides with some given value (without
coding a loop, to run through the list)?


PS: when I enter that question I automatically get an info,
that similar questions exists. But clicking on those links do
not give usefull infos, they just lead to a page of old threads
(Page 529 of 569 for the first link ...)

I want to use the Bits package, but have troubles - may be a bug?

I do not understand the following (Maple 15), where the help says "The And
command computes the bit-wise logical and of the inputs ... "

  Settings(defaultbits=4); # poor help text for that ...

  4; Split(%);

Is there a way to have interval arithmetics for complex inputs
(maple seems to name that range arithmetics in the help)?


              INTERVAL(0.628318529462 .. 0.628318531974)


    Error, (in evalr/shake) not a real number

Usually Maple gives solutions in terms of radicals only up to degree=4
(for example using RootOf + allvalues).

Using 'irreduc' (to test first) and 'galois' (to check for the Galois
group, if degree <= 9) I have cases, where the result implies, that by
theory the roots can be given through radicals:

Though the results are difficult to read in my case they are 'C(6)' or
'C(8)', the cyclic groups of that order - thus abelian and IIRC those
groups are solvable.

How can I use 'evalr' and 'shake' for functions (in a relative or absolute sense)?

What I see in the help is the result for disturbing the input to a function (by decimal digits).

But I want ranges for the output, if the function itself is disturbed, not only the input
(giving resulting error ranges, even for exact input).

Any idea?

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