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I've actually been able to figure out #1-11. So, #12-15 are just sort of trippin me up. I've been able to set up the equations etc. but thats as far as I get on those

Im actually only having problems with 2, 5, and 7. Ive completed the rest.  Ok so this link should bring you to the questions index. i need help w/ 30, 48, 64 and 74

<-Link#30 (Magnitude=IIvII=3, direction=u=<4,-4>=4i-4j) What is the value of v?

<-#48(IIvII=3, u=3i+4j) What is the component form of v with the magnitude and angle in relation to the positive x-axis? How do I sketch this too?

<-#64(magnitude=70lbs, 40lbs, 60lbs; @-30deg, 45deg, 135deg)What are the direction and magnitude of the resultant vector?

<-#74(velocity=580mph @ N60degW, wind=SW @ 60mph)How do I draw a figure that gives a visual representation of the problem? and What is the true direction of the plane and what is the speed with response to the ground?

I hope you can click on the links to the left of the descriptions. :)

Thank you SO much! This helped ALOt!


A boat is sailing due east parallel to the shoreline at 10 MPH. At a given time, the bearing to the lighthouse is S70degreesE, and 15 minutes later, the bearing is S63degreesE (see image). Find the distance from the boat to the shoreline if the lighthouse is at the shoreline.


It's just a link but I will see if i can some how write it out. There's a picture with it. F.Y.I. It's an application problem for the Law of Sines in PreCalc. I'm not dumb, but this is really trippin me up.
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