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yeah, this is exactly, what I would expect (and regard as more good-looking). Thanks for submitting the SCR (System Change Request?). Is there anything else than my solutions mentioned in the first posting (that unfortunately do not work) I can do at the moment?



Hi Doug,

thank you very much for your reply. It's actually not a matter of specific plots, I tried your lines of code and the problem appears with them as well: The horizontal gridlines are "on top" of the vertical ones. That leads to the fact, the dark grey vertical major gridlines are "interrupted" by the light grey minor horizontal subtick lines, which is something that should not happen.

Can you follow my description?



Dear all,

was my explanation too bad or is there any other reason I cannot think of at the moment, why noone writes down his idea?

Thank you,



You could also use "typeset": typeset("area in ", m^3). Unfortunately, then the m is in italics, which is typographically wrong.

typeset("area in m", ^3) does not work. Why? How can I use superscripts in labels withouth having the base in italics?

Thank you,


Hey Robert,

thank you for this workaround. I'll use it until Maplesoft implement a better version.

Is there any way to manipulate the size of the plot in advance, i. e. before it's generated? The parallel thread unfortunately has not got any answers yet.



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