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Dear all,

my Maple sheet is structured in sections. So far, I could not find (Maple Help, Google, Mapleprimes) an easy way of commenting out (i. e. disabling or deacitvating) a section or subsection. Any hints how to do that? (Similar to C++ with its /* ... */ or many (LaTeX) editors with the "Insert comment" function.) Writing a # manually in front of each command is not regarded as "easy".




I often use  the display(plot1, plot2, ..., axis[1]=[tickmarks=[0,100,200,300,400], gridlines=[5, subticks=true]], axis[2]=[tickmarks=8, gridlines=[8, subticks=true]]) command to plot several plots in one and to adjust the gridlines to what looks better than the default.


in Maple 12 (worksheet mode), the box Maple draws around a plot to allow the user to resize the plot using the mouse appears in all my plots far too big if I label the axis. Before labelling the axes, the box has the appropriate size, but as soon as I label the axis, the box becomes far too big resulting in my plot being very small while the bos goes from one end of the screen to the other.

Any help on that?

Thank you very much in advance,




in Maple 12 (worksheet mode), the tickmark-option does not work: I enter in a plot3d-command (this command works otherwise) axis[3]=[tickmarks=5] in order to get 5 divisions on the z-axis.


The error message is "Error, (in plot3d) incorrect value for option gridlines: 5".


The workaround of tickmarks=[5,5,5] works. Other axis-options work, e. g. axis[3]=[color=green] .


Any help on that will be appreciated.


Many thanks in advance,



how can I save a generated plot *and* show it on the screen (just like default-setting) at the same time? Using the plotoutput-command, it accepts only one out of the two options. Preferably, the size of each output (file and screen) can be set independently.

System: Maple 12 Worksheet mode.

Thank you guys very much in advance!


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