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Thanks Christopher,

It was obvious!

Is it also possible to:
1) set special values in the animated graph for axes x:= -1..7 and y:=0..1 in order to have a bigger graph (like the static graph I proposed)?

2) To make the axes move with the paraboloid?

That would be great!

I thank you  herclau

but I'm not exactly looking for a plane but for a kind of half an paraboloïd.

Because my over the plane IC50 vs potentiel, the projection gives me a kind of parabola.

Moreover over the plane IC50 vs LIPO, the projection also gives me a kind of parabola.



Indeed it works, but that's not exactly what I expected. I would like not to have a simple line, but a kind of surface delimitated by my different points. Thanks a lot for your help

I thank you very much for your prompt answer,

but I don't really understand all mathematical concept there is behind... Indeed I'm a French chemist and I'm not very used to use Maple software.

I tried to modify the code to represent my 3 experimental variables 

> IC50 := [5, .5, .6, 1.5, 1, 3, .8];
> REDOX := [.2, .41, .52, .72, .69, .56, .38];
> LIPO := [.572, 2.233, 1.966, 2.107, 1.919, 1.008, 2.345];
> s := NULL;
> for i to nops(IC50) do s := s, [LIPO[i], REDOX[i], IC50[i]] end do;
> pts := [s];
> pointplot3d(pts, axes = normal, axis[2] = [color = grey], axis[3] = [color = red], thickness = 3, font = [HELVETICA, BOLD, 11], title = "Correlation IC50 REDOX LIPOPHILIE", color = blue, symbol = sphere);

but I think there's no difference in the representation. Isn't it?

1) I tried to add label in pointplot3d function, but Maple returns an error.

> pointplot3d(pts,axes=normal, axis[2]=[color=grey], axis[3]=[color=red],thickness=3,font=[HELVETICA,BOLD,11],title="Correlation IC50 REDOX LIPOPHILIE", color=blue,symbol=sphere, labels=['REDOX,'IC50','LIPO']);

Error, unable to match delimiters

2) I copy/paste the procedure from Herclau (without understanding so much....) but this don't give me a graph...? isn't it?

I read the help file for the function CurveFitting[ArrayInterpolation] and I think this could help me to draw my graph. But I really don't understand how to use it with my variable given that each variable is independant from another. The result of my 3D map should be a kind of sink.

Thank you for your help.


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