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These are questions asked by Bibinou

I better understand now.

Given that I know my polynomial, is it possible to rotate the the paraboloid around another z axis passing through the minimum of the paraboloid, while keeping the same representation?

I'm really sorry to bother you all, I really need this for a presentation.


Hello everybody,

I represented a polynomial P type:
P := a + b*x + c*x^2-d*y + e*y^2 + f*x*y
(where a, b, c, d, e, d, are real)

using fucntion pointplot3D
G1 := plot3d(P, x = 0 .. 5, y = -0,5 .. 1);

I represented this polynomial which look like a paraboloid.

I'm just wondering if I can animate continuously...

Dear all,

I'm trying to obtain a 3D graph with Maple starting with 3 experimental variables : IC50, REDOX, LIPO
Here are my list of points and the procedure I wrote.

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