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With the context-panel

P(x, y) = exp(-(x^2+y^2)/(2*sigma^2))/(2*Pi*sigma^2)

P(x, y) = (1/2)*exp(-(1/2)*(x^2+y^2)/sigma^2)/(Pi*sigma^2)


subs(sigma = 523.*Unit('`μm`'), P(x, y) = (1/2)*exp(-(1/2)*(x^2+y^2)/sigma^2)/(Pi*sigma^2))

P(x, y) = 0.5818576570e-6*exp(-0.1827959741e-5*(x^2+y^2)/Units:-Unit(`μm`)^2)/Units:-Unit(`μm`)^2



How to format all occurences of numbers?

Download Number_Format.mw

Here is an example without assumptions that should return false for complex numbers (IMO)

prp := cos(z)/abs(cos(z)) - abs(cos(z))/cos(z) = 0:

For comparision: simplify requires restriction to the real domain

(simplify(prp) assuming real);
                 -|cos(z)|  sec(z) + cos(z)    
                 -------------------------- = 0

                             0 = 0

This only makes sense if is(...) assumes real or I am wrong with complex numbers and simplify should simplify this expression without assumptions.

I want to report a bug.

This was possible in MaplePrimes but I cannot find the option software change request (if i remember correctly) any more. Hast this option moved or been removed?

The document block (copied from a larger document) in the attached file could be executed with Maple 2022 (in the larger document).

Maple 2023 evaluates... that I have to interrupt.

On my installation I cannot convert the block to 1d input to investigate for hidden characters. This works in 2022.

Trying to manipulate (splitting, cutting, ...) the block lead several times to the 2023 GUI not responding normally which required Maple restart.

What I found with Maple 2022 and lprint: There is a ndash character here

Ein Bild, das Text, Schrift, Reihe enthält.

Automatisch generierte BeschreibungEin Bild, das Schrift, Reihe, Handschrift, weiß enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

which must be deleted in the attached file. The larger document does not lprint a ndash. So this might be a copy/paste artefact and is perhaps unrelated to the evaluation problem with 2023.

With Maple 2023 there is no ndash but the output looks differentEin Bild, das Schrift, Diagramm, Reihe, Design enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

The whole thing is perhaps related to this

Can someone reproduce and/or help?



`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2023.1, Windows 10, July 7 2023 Build ID 1723669`





`if`(evalf((1/2)*exp(-(1/2)*x^2-(1/2)*y^2)/Pi) < 0.7957747150e-1, (1/2)*exp(-(1/2)*x^2-(1/2)*y^2)/Pi, NONE); p3 := plot3d(%, x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3, color = blue); `if`(evalf((1/2)*exp(-(1/2)*x^2-(1/2)*y^2)/Pi) < 0.2153927929e-1, (1/2)*exp(-(1/2)*x^2-(1/2)*y^2)/Pi, NONE); p4 := plot3d(%+0.1e-3, x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3, color = red)

Warning,  computation interrupted




Download plot3d_in_2023_not_working.mw

Modal Analysis is a very usefull feature. Only the animation window is sometimes too tiny.

How to enlarge this view and to pause the animation?

This seems to be a Maple plot window (a "Rotate the view" cursor is visible and the animation can be rotated). Are there any short cuts or functions keys to toggle plot view options?

Edit: Looks to my like a Maplet. Maybe a Maplet programmer can tell if that (what I am asking) is possible

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