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To label axes, names with Maple typesetting tags can be used. This is convenient because the typesetting package does not have to be loaded and code is shorter. However, when used together with plot white spaces (mo(“ “)) sometimes do render. Below is an example where a white space after the character N is not rendered.


ta:=Typesetting:-Typeset(`#mrow(mo("N "),mo("* "),msup(mo("mm"),mo("-2")))`)

Typesetting:-mrow(Typesetting:-mo("N "), Typesetting:-mo("* "), Typesetting:-msup(Typesetting:-mo("mm"), Typesetting:-mo("-2")), Typesetting:-msemantics = "atomic")


tb:=`#mrow(mo("N ",color="red"),mo("* "),msup(mo("mm"),mo("-2")))`

`#mrow(mo("N ",color="red"),mo("* "),msup(mo("mm"),mo("-2")))`


tc:=Typesetting:-Typeset(mrow(mo("N "),mo("* "),msup(mo("mm"),mo("-2"))))

Typesetting:-mrow(Typesetting:-mo("N "), Typesetting:-mo("* "), Typesetting:-msup(Typesetting:-mo("mm"), Typesetting:-mo("-2")))





A workarround is adding an addtional tag mspace() or an invisible html character. Are there any others?

Since typesetting of normal Maple output shows the whitespace I am wondering if this way of plotting axis labels is intended. 

Download Typesetting_white_space.mw

For plotting with a plot function that has not been upgraded to units I want to remove units from the following




convert(0.5818576570e-6*exp(-0.1827959741e-5*(x^2+y^2)/Units:-Unit(`μm`)^2)/Units:-Unit(`μm`)^2, unit_free)



map(convert, 0.5818576570e-6*exp(-0.1827959741e-5*(x^2+y^2)/Units:-Unit(`μm`)^2)/Units:-Unit(`μm`)^2, unit_free)




Anything else I could try with convert or something better than this

subs(Unit(1/'`μm`'^2) = 1, %)

I cannot conclude form the help page ?convert,unitfree if it should have worked on the expression.

Is the expression (1) non-scalar?

The term unit-free describes a scalar quantity with no (multiplicative) unit attached to it. Conversion to unit-free does not apply directly to any non-scalar Maple object or data structure, which may still have units embedded within it.

Download convert_unit_free_of_exp.mw

This plot does not have units on the y-axis

Unit(('W')/'m'^2)*max(t/Unit('s'), 0);
plot(%, t = -Unit('s') .. 2*Unit('s'));

Any idea why and how to get them back when max is involved?

When the original poster receives or finds the answer to the question he/she posed, should he/she

  1. Reply to it
  2. Answer to it?

I have seen "true answers" that were converted to a reply, despite addressing the initial answer correctly. In case there are no other answers, the question will still be listed under unanswered question which is incorrect.

What practice should be applied in MaplePrimes for "true answers"?

I was wondering whether the rendering of bars


looks also dot like on other computers

Looks like Newtonian notation

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