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Both uses of evalf

evalf(Pi, 20);

work, but only the latter is documented. Is there a reason behind (maybe historical)? Any reason not to use evalf(...,n) any more? I am also reluctant to update old worksheets if there is no need for the indexed version.

Only for my understanding. In the following I need to use expand to apply division to list elements when the divisor is a name:

[a, b]*(1/2)

[(1/2)*a, (1/2)*b]


[a, b]/c

[a, b]/c


expand([a, b]/c)

[a/c, b/c]



Does in this case automatic simplification make a difference between numbers and names? (Probably this is explained somewhere.)

Download div_of_list.mw

I cannot figure out which operand(?) is substituded here

subs(1 = 2, a*b);
                              2  2
                             a  b 

Same for

subs(1 = 3, a + b);
                           3 a + 3 b


subs(1 = 2, a/b);

subs(1 = 3, a - b);
                            3 a - b

Is this by design?

I very welcome this new feature Thumbs up - Free signs icons but here I am stuck

"restart; f(x):=( sin(x))/(x) :  plot(f(x),title=f(x))"


solve(f(x) = 0, x, allsolutions); about(_Z1)

Originally _Z1, renamed _Z1~:
  is assumed to be: integer



%PIECEWISE([2*Pi*_Z1, ``])


Q1: How to get also the uneven multiples of Pi?
Q2: Why is zero not excluded?
Q3: How to get the desirable output "{  Pi n        n in `&Zopf;` , n<>0"





For the past days I observe that reply to posts stucks at the progess bar

(using a firefox browser). I am wondering whether that is only on my installation. Loading pages is not slow as reported here. I have a suspicion that this happens after having previewed a reply before submission. I observe also sometimes a yellow background of the preview and sometimes a blue background.

I try to submit now with blue backgound

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