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I think I know what you mean, I haven't had long to look but maybe this might help - I'm tapping out for the night.

  global var:
end proc:

               5 kg

             a kg

writedata readdata could also be used as a possibility.  ExportVector and ImportVector would also be an option.

That's a fast machine to begin with.  To go to the upgrade maybe something you might notice is faster, is when large calculations are required but I it wouldn't be much.  You'd notice a big difference in something like Inventor or Solidworks but with Maple the speed up might only be slight.  More memory gives you better performance with graphics and Maple doesn't need to be graphically intensive. 

You need to enter = at the end for maple flow to evaluate.  It will then output f/m

then press enter, (without the = it will return nothing.)


This seems to partially work, although I don't know what other hidden nasties might show up.

(sorry I had to paste a picture because the forum was changing the output when I copied it over)

I added this after your Christoffel output, then reran the Christoffel command.  So here I'm showing just v dot and v prime. 

Using viewpoint and orientation works nicely

Just change your plot3d line to include orientation, viewpoint.  Of course I got rid of the axes. You'll have to of course add the poles.

A := 2;
plot3d([c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, sph], phi = 0 .. 2*Pi, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi, coords = spherical, plotlist = true, scaling = constrained, orientation = [55, 35, 0], viewpoint = "circleleft", axes = none);

Specify what you want sorted in v2.  At least it will help move the negative so it's not in front.



You will have to generate a free API key by following these instructions .  Then you'll need to add the apikey="type youre key in here" to any command you are trying to access google maps with.

For example the first line in the application should look like

GetMap(location = "615 Kumpf Drive, Waterloo", zoomlevel = 17, size = [640, 400], apikey = "xxxxxxxxxx")

where the xxxxxxxxxx is your entire apikey which will be about 39 characters long.

I agree, the drawing tools in Maple are cumbersome.  I often resort to AutoCAD for some drawings as it is very exact but of course not free.  Gimp is powerful and free but I haven't really used it.

They do automatically change to a fuscia color if you have under the view menu, Atomic Variables is checked. 

@zenterix Try disabling the plot anti-aliasing.  It may be a similar issue with font anti-aliasing where my laptop would slow to a crawl as it anti-aliased all the text in my display.  Maybe the same thing for plots?  At least it's worth a try.  I don't use Linux but I'm just offering a suggestion in hopes that it might help you. 

It may be some OpenJDK-Maple-OS issue with anti-aliasing.  It never occured until Maple 2021 when the switch was made.

You can make the standard interface resemble the classic interface.

Go to Tools -> options display tab
-- change input display to Maple notation
-- change output display to typeset notation
-- change Default format for new worksheets to Worksheet

Apply globally

Also when you save your files choose save as Classic worksheet (.mws)

This way Maple will act more like Maple's classic interface, not exactly but if you prefer that style you can at least mimic it. 


Maybe just simply abs(frac(-9.8))

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