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Just want some input if anyone thinks this is a bug or not

Hiding the contents of equation labels in one table (table -> properties -> uncheck show equation labels) removes all reference to the labels within that table.  Is that supposed to occur?

The table below has show equation labels checked.  If I uncheck the show equation labels in the first table I would expect the reference labels (1) and (2) to disappear and (3) and (4) references in the next table to remain unchanged.

However unchecking show equation labels in the first table relabels the two equations in the second table to (1) and (2) as shown below.  Is this a bug?

However this doesn't disrupt further content in the worksheet if references were made to equation label (1). After unchecking show equation labels in the first table, all original references to label (1) are replaced with the actual value (sin(x))

In Maple12 and 2017 we can load a .wav file and Preview no problems. 

The problem occurs when we apply a moving average from the Statistics package and then attempt to Preview the result. Warning - if you don't limit the size of the number of elements when executing the Preview you will freeze and lock up your computer as it attempts to output to the display the errors on each element.

For example.

Using the windows Ding.wav

a:=Read("c:/test/Ding.wav"): #just a random test location I have the Ding.wav file in.
b:=ToMono(a): #changing to Mono.
c:=b^2: #squaring the signal.



Preview(d[1..5]) #selecting a small number of values so I don't lock up my system.

Now Preview(d) works in M12 (ie there were no errors and a plot was presented). 

Why doesn't this work in 2017? 

In Maple 2017 using print in a variable produces the line b:=().  d:="hello" is as it should

In Maple 2016 using the print in a variable produces a blank line where b:=() appears in 2017

I have a small data sample of some occurrence in time.  For an example lets take the time it takes kids to finish their lunch to determine wether a school has given them enough time for recess.

The times are (20,15,12,18,15,13,13,10,14,14,15,17,8,22,16) in minutes.

What distribution should I use? 

Should I just calculate the mean and std. dev. from the data and generate a normal distribution, like below?

Sample(X,3) # generate a few samples

I could also randomly choose from the observed 15 data points. 

combinat[randcomb](a,3) # randomly pick 3 of data points

Which method would be better?  Is randcomb following any kind of distribution? 

Here's something neat to be done in Maple. 
This anaglyph or stereo image uses the red green glasses to make the model appear more 3 dimensional.  The static-non-stereo image of the animated plot below is done in maple by plot3d(sin(x*y)^2,x=-2..2,y=-2..2,scaling=constrained)



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