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Display only the +'ve xyz axis, and also display +'ve axis as a different color than the negative axis.

Something simple. 

Two points and there doesn't seem to be an internal command to define a vector from it. 

say for example we have p=(3,6,-1) and q=(4,-2,2)

How to write pq and have the answer of q-p as a vector returned?

There was a post in mapleprimes I asked a long time ago about how to modify the definition file in the maple help database.  It was answered but I can not locate the question. 

Move integer to one side of an equation


of course g+18 will give desired look.  If the integer is unknown how to move integers to one side of the equation?

Not sure if this is documented explicitly to Maple users, but normally (prior to Maple 2017) interface(typesetting=extended) was all that was required to output display diff(y(x),x) as y'(x)

With Maple 2017 typesetting=extended is default and one must use with(Typesetting)  Settings(typesetprime=true) in order to output the display of diff(y(x),x) as y'(x).

Perhaps this is well documented somewhere, however I was unable to find the change. 

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