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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

Using mode with axis we can choose linear or log.  But what if we want some other custom scaled axis?

Seems if we want a y^3 y-axis, we'll have to cube root the data then use plottools to form our own scale.  Unless there's some other way I don't know. 

How do I animate the cylinder width, or some variation of it as we trace it's path in the z-axes

display([seq(cylinder([2, 2, 2], 3, i/10, capped = false), i = 1 .. 60)], insequence);


I'm working along in Maple 2019 and then all of a sudden it freezes.  Anyone else have this?

Maple 2018 and earlier displayed an Array like this

In Maple 2019 I get this

How do I display Arrays in Maple 2019 like Maple 2018?

Why when I read a file in (image file - specifically a TIFF file) and then write the exact same file back out, it makes a file 30% larger.  Should it not be the same size??

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