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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

Recent documents shows the last 10 files you've opened.  Any way to increase that to something like 20 or 50?

Perhaps someone knows this. So I came across something recently and I can't recall if it was in this forum (which I can't find)

It was a value using some combinations of the constants e and Pi where the answer was very close to a whole number x.99939 or something.  The only thing I can remember is that it was exp(Pi)*...  I thought it was an answer written by Joe Riel where someone would use that to verify if the floating points... well I can't recall. 

Would anyone have an idea?

A small annoyance, when some code is copied from mapleprimes and pasted into Maple (the standard windows copy-paste ctrl+c   ctrl+v) and executed.  The code doesn't execute properly. 

For example

end proc:

cprint("this is green",green);#prints green

cprint("this is green",red);#prints red

copying and pasting the above code in Maple and executing results in the following output


Not sure why?

I've run into a problem.  I'm trying to enter multiple quotes in a string.

for example


Anyone experience a delay in typing as the screen fills with text/math etc.?

I'm using Maple 2021 and as the space is filled typing slows. I can finish typing and watch the last 4 keys enter on the screen.

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