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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

How would one code a real time clock (digital's the easiest - of course, or analog) within maple?

Who deleted


I thought I had alzheimers or something.  Who's deleting these posts and questions.  I realize they are similar but there is different information in there that was useful.  Why don't we delete all similar questions .. of course this would be horrible since some have slight differences - granted some don't have answers tagged on the end and are exact copies those are of course waranted and I would agree to be deleted becuase they were duplicates.

Please undelete those questions - there were referenses and extensive conversations in there that are not present in the saving question.

This may be a bug.  In Maple 2019.0


Now grab the graphing window and drag to adjust it's size.  It doesn't adjust it's size until you let go of the mouse button.

I have a surface described by the equation.

f := (x, y) -> 3*(1 - x)^2*exp(-x^2 - (y + 1)^2) - (2*x - 10*x^3 - 10*y^5)*exp(-x^2 - y^2) - 1/3*exp(-(x + 1)^2 - y^2)


If a drop of water were put at point f(0.2,1.4), how would we draw a line to follow it's path?  (is that the gradient curve?)

Recently I discovered you can get the wolfram language and Mathematica for free if you buy a Raspberry Pi. 

Will there be something similar with Maple?

I'm guessing since Mathematica has secured a contract with Raspberry Pi, that would exclude competitors, ie Maple

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