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Currently there is nothing similar in maple but it looks like an adaptation of a clustering algorithm.

@Axel Vogt as I suspected, and so my guess that Maple didn't re-establish a proper link to the dynamic link library when Excel was updated was correct.  So when Maple was re-installed on top of the updated Excel it picked it up properly.

Yes two problems in one question is not recommended. 

For the purposes of displaying 1/sqrt(2)

  subs({s = '1/sqrt(2)', t = '-1/sqrt(2)'}, subs({-sqrt(2)/2 = t, sqrt(2)/2 = s}, a))
end proc:




@Carl Love This is exactly what I was thinking.  I totally agree with nm that 1/sqrt(2) is simpler. 

What if a calculation was involved that simplified to a sqrt(n)/n.  There's no easy solution to simplify or 'adjust' it further to 1/sqrt(n).

I think Bryon Thur of mapleprimes can bring deleted questions back.  I believe he would also know who deletes them, unless a mapleprimes member speaks up. 

As a parallel question, are all deleted questions throughout mapleprimes history available to be reserected by the administrator?

mp3 support.  The patents for the mp3 encoding expired in 2017 (no one seemed to notice) and Fraunhauffer declined to renew the license it owns on the MPEG audio layer III technololgy.  This means you can include mp3 encoding in your products almost patent free.  I don't know how long Mathematica has had mp3 encoding but if they added it in 2017, it might be the reason why.

It's only a suggestion.  I don't think many people use Maple for audio processing, but it's extra candy.

Not sure if I have any good ones, but I haven't really put my head down on this one yet.  So just a few things off the top of my head, just some minor ones. 

1-Be able to rotate texts using textplot - I think this can be done with other ways but I haven't tried in a while. 
2 - Updated constants/ table of the elements etc..
3 - Updated HTML or sockets package and extensive update help on the use of them.
4 - Of course more math updates as usual. 
5 - Update the old OSPD3 pattern dictionary.  

@DoingMath2018 Maybe I'm out to lunch here but are you saying you only need Maple to find the sum of the power series of log(1+x) and integrate cos(a*x)dx ?


You can upload your document and someone here can take a look.  There is likely a plot within your document that is causing the problems.  This has happened to me once in a while.  A colon supression on the plot command allowed me to work within the document and change things before I executed it.

@DoingMath2018 There's quite a few great resourceful members here on mapleprimes.  Some are no longer with us and some have left.

For the sake of others the rant of his continued as follows

Maple's phenomenally poorly designed and implemented user interface is driving me back to Mathematica, which is bad. Maple even worse.
amazingly bad. I'd laugh in the clown's face who made this user interface, and his manager's face and his manager's manager's face. What a disgrace.

To which I replied, with the addition of a link to this thread which I did not notice.

Bad user interface?  So instead of a blanket statement, tell us what's wrong with it to back up your suggested claim?
I see just now your rant

Probably the part I might agree with him slightly, is the fact that it is Java.


Bad user interface?  So instead of a blanket statement, tell us what's wrong with it to back up your suggested claim? 

Thanks nm and Acer, exactly what I needed.

As Acer mentioned, you should post your worksheet. 

2020.0 hmm, not what I thought.  Ok, I don't have Linux so I'm stuck there.  I have tried many variations of the with statement to try to duplicate your error and so far I cannot.  Please upload a worksheet. 

Can you load any package using with?  If not and you get other errors, I suspect your Maple version is corrupt.

Let us know what version you have and we can narrow it down even further.  Likely as Rouben mentioned a typo.

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