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I ran showstat(URL:-Get) on Maple 18.  I believe there are proxy settings in the the newer versions of Maple, but I don't know if that's the reason why the older versions fail.

@Axel Vogt with the new location I get the same error.  A couple of added settings in the command line should fix it but I don't know what.

Thanks TomLeslie, yes I have tried that.  I was hoping it would work with my Maple 18 ( should have mentioned that), but I have already tried that.  It does not work.  I get this error message

               Error, (in URL:-Get) schannel: failed to receive handshake, SSL/TLS connection failed

Also tried using this address (a few more clicks in on the RAW data)


Any ideas?

@Anthrazit I agree with you about seeing numbers that aren't exact or rounded off as you expect them to be does seem ridiculous.  Now that I think about it, I think I actually questioned maple about a similar topic many years ago.  

The best way I see it is to create a procedure as others have already come up with.  It's interesting to see the different ways people come up with - seeing the different ways helps in programming.  

If you can think of evalf[2](123456) where 2 is the number of significant figures then 120000 is correct.  BTW significant figures is something used a lot in Chemistry and Physics - more so in Chemistry.  Quoting from a significant figures calculator Suppose we want 3,453,528 to 4 significant figures. We simply round the entire number to the nearest thousand, giving us 3,454,000 Sure in some ways it might sound nonsense but it depends on how it was used.

You could, if you wanted to, fashion you're own round function to work the way you want it to, just create a procedure for it. I use ceil, trunc, floor or evalf for most things.  Actually, I don't believe I've ever used round.

@mary120 Sorry, I'm baffled as to why maple can pull out coeff of epsilon^(3/2) and epsilon^(5/2) but none of the epsilon^n 's.  The coeff(A,diff(ni,x)) where i is 0..3 pulls out the epsilons as coefficients no problem.  Seems it has trouble when finding the coefficients of a constant.

@mary120 Your d is supposed to be a differentiation and not a variable d correct?  So then is n0,n1, n2 and n3 functions of t and/or x.  How about epsilon, is it also or not a function of t and/or x?

ps. You mentioned to see attached file ... there is no attached file

@acer Thanks for your help.  I was flailing about because nothing seemed to be working.

The -loglevel quiet option works for M2019 - windows 7 - FFmpeg 4.4.2 Windows 64 bit, Static version but however not for Maple 18 (2014) on my windows XP with FFmpeg ver 3.4.1 ported to XP (probably no one uses that anymore)

So this works with 2019
ssystem("ffmpeg -loglevel quiet -i c:/test/test.mp3 c:/test/test.wav") 

As you mentioned direct ssystem call might not be the answer.  You mentioned stderr and redirecting it or something I'm not sure what the correct commands would be in doing that.


I tried the double forward slashes, nothing it just hangs in that window.  I retried your output suggestion with the 2>&1 still hangs.  I added an output location but still hangs and nothing gets converted into the directory.  

No go.  Sorry I tried everything with loglevel and still no output with ssystem

ie/ ssystem(ffmpeg -loglevel level+verbose -i c:/test/test.mp3") #Maple gets stuck in executing. 

It's not completely frozen, I can open a new document no problem and just close the affected window.


FFmpeg does work through the cmd box by itself no problems.  .bat file?  Well I'd like to get it working through Maple first.

Perhaps I need to add the program in Maple's env??  I only see getenv in Maple's help files there is no setenv, which I've seen little content on the internet.  I did see an entry where someone couldn't get FFmpeg to work in Matlab and the solution was to use a command setenv.  Maple has a similar getenv but no setenv.  Also didn't even realize Maple understood the pipe command.

ps. added - okay the directory FFmpeg is in is listed in getenv(PATH) so at least that way is not an issue.

In Maple 2019 it returns the empty set

ssystem("ffmpeg -i c:/test/test.mp3")

I thought maybe ssystem("ffmpeg -i \"c:/test/test.mp3\" " would work but it doesn't, it hangs in M18 and returns as above the empty set for M2019

Thanks Acer, unfortunately that did not work. 

Haven't chance to look into it but just quickly looking, your solution is empty which is why nothing will plot.

@goli If you're doing a field plot why don't you use fieldplot with the option arrows=slim?

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