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@Samir Khan OK thanks.  Oh I see the CAD link assistant might work here.  I haven't explored any of the CAD options in Maple yet, so I'm checking that out.  

Will there be a future element within MapleFlow that adjusts drawings by changing variable values?

For example, in your Pyramidal Horn Design application example, we have a diagram with variables representing the dimensions but the actual diagram does not change with variable adjustments.  Is it possible to see future deveolpment on this kind of functionality in a future version of Maple Flow? 


It seems to me that he was adding a followup question to his earlier question a week ago  So like you said, he either deleted it or someone who thought it was too similar to his other question deleted it.  Acer seemed to be conversing with him over on that thread.  I can't say what goes through people's minds when they don't think a question should be there and then they delete it. 

I agree should not be deleted - I had a similar idea a while ago where only if a panel of people have agreed it be deleted shall it be deleted.  And reasons against that were for obvious spam posts where they would take longer to get deleted. 

Actually I believe if a deleted voting system were in place that might help ... For example on a sample question it could say ... "This question is flagged for deletion on the grounds that it is a duplicate question, please post comments there.  Needs 5 votes , Current 2 votes etc.... 

Maybe for example just subs(X=5*L,eq) ?

@FDS you could always set up your own procedure to run your values through so Maple would output to the units you specified.

@charlie_fcl You'll get the expecting operator if you try to create a procedure on the canvas.  So as brownr has pointed out, the help page states it has to be created in the code editor. 

So I've just added Microsoft Edge to my system just now.  Tried the Maplesoft application center and it works okay.

Had firefox open at the same time and it doesn't work nicely that is the page jumps to the top when the mouse is moved back from the scroll bar. 

Anyone know what setting in firefox needs to be adjusted for the webpage to work properly?  Otherwise I guess just have not use firefox when browsing the maplesoft application center.

@Carl Love That is far superior!

In the case of,

my method fails.  However by changing the isolate variable and/or the number of iterations maple outputs different orderings of the variables.  Could be useful but it's kind of random and not knowing how it reacts makes my method kind of useless.

That comparison is subjective.  I suppose it's like saying which swiss army knife is best - one has a Philips screwdriver, but the other one has a Robertson. 

Ultimately, of course, the one that does them all the best would be the holy grail - again subjective, one does it one way another does it another way and someone may or may not like one way over the other so ....

Never-the-less a good topic for discussion.  And I would agree with you that Maple is on par.

Yeah, it appears as soon as the mouse touches the application elements on the page it jumps back to the beginning.  I zoomed out on the page to see more and if my mouse was in the blank outside portion of the active page I can scroll down and see more applications but when my pointer touches any application boxes it jumps to the top.  This is regardless of whether I have infinite scoll checked or not. 

It is bad and needs to be fixed!

I'm using firefox and it doesn't work well, but as I mentioned above it work a little better with microsoft edge. 

Thomas Richard in another post "Annoyance" titled question by Wolinski mentioned he is using firefox with no issues. 

Does anyone else experience firefox issues?  It looks like this is occuring to more than just a couple of people. 

I'm actually surprised it doesn't work well with Firefox for everyone.  Not everyone uses Microsoft Edge or wants to move to another browser. 

So if my cursor is off to the right side of the screen I can scroll down and see more applications - as soon as I move my cursor onto the body of the page the applications jump right back up to the start and I can't select any of the ones further down the page.

Please fix this issue.

@Thomas Richard 

I'm using firefox and it appeared to work ok.  Then I unchecked it and scrolled to the top and now I'm stuck, it won't scroll down past two rows of applications. 

Something is not working right.  I've disabled uBlock origin for maplesoft and still doesn't help.  Now it worked initially but I did something to break it and now I can't scroll to any other applications. 

@dharr Oh right.  Thanks that's what I was looking for - I was looking in the wrong spot.  I was starting to use an alternate way by changing the color of the font under Format -> Styles...-> C 2D Math to white.


@dharr Oh ok this works for plotting but it doesn't work for equations.

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