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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

I thought the easiest way to show the world map, a projected flat map into 3d was to use the builtin one and just transform it.  You can zoom into it and rotate it no problem but unforunately it's not as clean as I thought.  Is it possible to have cleaner shading manipulating the Builtin map to 3d?

m := WorldMap():
m1 := Display(m)

to3d := transform((x, y) -> [x, y, 0]):
m2 := to3d(m1)




timestamp is the number of seconds from the epoch, which I thought was Jan 1, 1970.  Maple uses Dec 31, 1969.  It appears there is a maximum number of seconds you can use with timestamp.

FormatTime("%Y-%m-%d", timestamp = 0)

FormatTime("%Y-%m-%d", timestamp = 2147483647)

Who knows if Maple will be around then, however if we add one second more to timestamp we run into the 32 bit integer problem.

FormatTime("%Y-%m-%d", timestamp = 2147483648)
Error, (in StringTools:-FormatTime) timestamp value must be a 32-bit signed integer.

Can Maple get passed 2038 using timestamp?  Is there always that 32 bit limit?


In this code created by Acer a long while back. I can't figure out how to increase the length of the text rotating so the letters don't collide with one another.

Here is the code.


# One (of many) STL format collections of the English alphabet:
basedir:=cat(kernelopts(homedir), "/My Documents/stl/All_Alphabet_Letters_A-Z"):

getletter:=L->Import(cat(basedir, "/Letter_", L, ".stl"),

letters := [m,a,p,l,e]:

for letter in letters do
  if not assigned(AZ[letter]) then
  end if;
end do:

with(plottools): with(plots):

               seq(translate(AZ[letters[i]], 40*(i-1)+15, 0, 0),

Rplot:=transform((x,y,z)->[z,x,y])(scale(Rplot, 5/6*2*Pi/200, 1/5, 1/20, [0,0,10])):

display(changecoords(Rplot,cylindrical), scaling=constrained, axes=none,
        orientation=[0,90,0], viewpoint=[circleright], frames=50);

Here is the file with the letters

I went to save a file in Maple and it had large amounts of calculated data. 

Maple didn't ask me if I also wanted to save that data like it usually does - it just saved it.  Saved a 13Mb worksheet that took 5 minutes to relinquish control on my laptop. 

Can someone show me how to increase the font size in the button? 

I branched from here -- no auto links inserted. 

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