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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

It would be nice to have a point probe for images ie.pixel location. 

While working a test workbook in Maple 2023 - added a file went away for a while and came back and started adding code to the workbook when I suppose it did an autosave and this error came up 4x in a row. 

Just experienced a strange response from Maple when I changed the Font anti-aliasing to enabled.

With Font anti-aliasing disabled I ran evalf(Pi,100) and Maple returned 100 digits - no problem.  I then did some other errands in other programs leaving Maple idle, when I came back I thought I would change anti-aliasing to enabled and see if maybe that's the reason why some users are experiencing icons disappearing etc..

Well I re entered and evalueated evalf(Pi,100) and Maple only output 10 digits.  Huh??? What!? Why?  changed font anti-aliasing back but no joy.  So I closed Maple and I got a pop up

Maybe it was hiding behind Maple I don't know but I don't think it was there until I closed Maple.  It seems this OpenJDK platform I believe is causing a lot of Maple issues.

Whoa!  That's really odd.  My restart was with Maple Font anti-aliasing enabled I performed a evalf(Pi,100) and no problem.  I changed to Font anti-aliasing disabled and evalf(Pi,100) presented me with 10 digits!

What the heck is going on.  This font anti-aliasing enabled caused my Maple to slow down as the screen filled up (as I recorded in a earlier post months ago) and now toggling anti-aliasing causes the outputs to not work as expected.  It's gotta be an open JDK issue. (FYI closing Maple did not produce the same pop-up as earlier - I expect idling maple for a while might)

Can I force the output of maple to follow a specific width?

For example, I want the output to go to a new line after 10 characters of output

So instead of


I want the output as


One might be flabbergasted by the following


Colors dosn't appear to match values given from this wavelength to rgb converter from here

Although the color is in agreement when converting the value given back into a color value.

So in maple WavelengthToColor(622) does not match the color above however (heads up using the method="linear" option makes it closer) if we go through the paces and convert #ff6f00 to a color, it comes out properly.  One might think is something wrong with the WavelengthToColor command?





Ok the color seems right but that's not what WavelengthToColor(622) gives


So as it turns out using method=linear makes it closer.

Time is short I haven't time to compose the question properly but likely has something to do with the HSV Colorspaces.  It's confusing.

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