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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

map seems to work differently on lists and Matricies.  How do I get map to work on the Matrix?

a := [[1.2, 4.3], [3.2, 5.3]]

[[1.2, 4.3], [3.2, 5.3]]






[1.2, 4.3]


b := map(proc (x) options operator, arrow; [floor(x[1]), x[2]] end proc, a)

[[1, 4.3], [3, 5.3]]


c := convert(a, Matrix)

Matrix(%id = 36893488148073393796)






Vector[row](%id = 36893488148073381388)


d := map(proc (x) options operator, arrow; [floor(x[1]), x[2]] end proc, c)

Matrix(%id = 36893488148073382844)




The interrupt button is great for stopping long calculations. But if there is an accidental calculation of a long list that has a mistype for example and the computer is busy calculating behind the scenes getting ready to output to the screen (evaluating icon has a heartbeat) there is no interrupt for that.  You either wait for the output or kill maple and start again (you may be able to save the worksheet before you close it - that might be an option).

map won't work with left quotes


I couldn't locate a command to change the default frames per second (fps) of 10.  Is there an option?

Just need some help using URL:-Get

Get(" _184918_512_0304.jpg")

I'm sure there are some tags to use but not sure how.  The site does show a script on best practices, but at the moment don't know how to apply them.  Can anyone offer some help?

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