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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

The long form of ScientificConstants[GetValue] is not working in at least Maple 2021 and Maple 2022



This is causing issues for MapleFlow, not being able to call on a constant. 

**edit some of the long forms work - specifically the GetValue does not.  I modified the title to reflect that.**

Backspacing at the end of a few math containers on one row will shift them upwards beyond the top screen out of view and out of existence.  Your last chance of retrieval is when you can still see the bottom half portions of the letters/equations before you need to go to the first point and press enter to bring them down.  Once they're out of view, there's no chance to bring back what you wrote - the assignments are still valid.  Also note CRTL-Z will not bring them back. 

Using the hide command after displaying a plot in MapleFlow2022 prevents that plot from being moved.

If you create another plot, then both plots are movable until you use the hide command again, at which point you need to create another plot to allow plots to be positioned.

I always found it odd that the end of a series was truncated with O(x^9) or whatever.

convert ( a, polynom) gets rid of it, but it just stops.  Could the O(x^9) be replaced with a +... or even a -... ?




What's the best way to add a + ... to the end of that.

When resizing a textplot the text is not scaled. 

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