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For the following procedure how do I dynamically grow the array? Is an Array the right datatype for this task?

I see there are functions for 3-dimensional planes and spheres but what about arbitrary curves?

For instance I have the following 3D curves: z = y*log(x) and z = y + x*log(x)

  1. How can I compute the intersection of these curves?

I am trying to plot (3-Dimensional) two functions of 2 variables in maple. Here is my code:

K := (V, E) --> E*log(V)
P:= (V, E) --> E + V*log(V)
plot(K(V, E), P(V,E), V = 0 .. 20, E = 0 .. 190)               /*This line does not work*/
I want a 3D plot where a point in the graph would be: (K(V, E), V, E)
  1. How can I plot a 3-Dimensional Plot of two functions with 2 variables?

I am trying to compare two matrices in a while loop. Here is part of my maple code with the comparison of Matrix B and Matrix E

I am trying to find the maple procedure to do the extended euclidean algorithm which computes the gcd(A, B) such that the gcd(A, B) = A*r + B*s for some integers r and s. I want the integers r and s.

is gcdex() the right maple procedure (I cannot get it to work). Or what procedure can I use?



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