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I am trying use convert(46,ordinal) to generate ordinals such as 46th. However the command produces "46th". How may I remover the double quotes so that I get 46th? I've tried using parse but it often generates an error.

Is Prüfer's algorithm available in Maple (given a tree, produce the code, and vice versa)? If not, has anyone written the code for it?

I am trying to apply assumptions to the solution set of an equation. I've tried assume and assuming (see attached) to no avail. What am I missing? How can I achieve this?

`assuming`([solve(x^2-x-2 = 0, x)], [x > 0])

2, -1


assume(x > 0)

solve(x^2-x-2 = 0, x)

2, -1






I am generating splines using CurveFitting[Spline] command, which produces piecewise functions. I would like to extract the different "pieces" of the spline for use elsewhere. How do I do that? In the attached worksheet, for example, I would like to extract (59*x^2)/756, -1/84*x^2 + 17/63*x - 17/84, and -19/504*x^2 + 19/36*x - 61/72. There has to be a way to do this, but I'm coming up short.


f := Spline([[0, 0], [3, 1/2], [7, 1]], x, degree = 2)

piecewise(x < 3/2, (59/756)*x^2, x < 5, -(1/84)*x^2+(17/63)*x-17/84, -(19/504)*x^2+(19/36)*x-61/72)






I am trying to generate all non-isomorphic graphs of a certain order and size that have the same degree sequence (not necessarily regular). I assume I would have to use the select option in GraphTheory[NonIsomorphicGraphs] command, however, there are no examples (that I could find) of how to use the option. Any idea how this could be done?

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