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I am trying to simplify the eigenvalues of a 2x2 matrix [[a,b],[c,d]] subject to the condition a,b,c, and d are integers such that a+b = c+d. Why do the following commands not achieve this?



Eigenvalues(A) assuming a::integer,b::integer,c::integer,d::integer,a+b=d+c

How might I achieve what I need?

After I've set my infolevel and used the ProjectionPlot command, is there any way to force Maple to display the information using exact values, instead of decimal approximations? See the attached file for the additional information.


infolevel[Student[LinearAlgebra]] := 1:

ProjectionPlot(`<,>`(-2, 3, 2), `<,>`(7, -3, -4))




I am plotting a simple rational function. When the denominator is completely factored, the discont command works as expected. However, if the denominator is expanded, discont fails.

Why does this happen?






plot((x-3)/((3*x+1)^2*(x-2)^3), x = -3 .. 3, y = -2 .. 2, discont = true)


normal((x-3)/((3*x+1)^2*(x-2)^3), expanded)



plot((x-3)/(9*x^5-48*x^4+73*x^3-6*x^2-36*x-8), x = -3 .. 3, y = -2 .. 2, discont = true)



This behavior also occurs in Maple 17.


Why does:


produce the following error?

Error, (in plots:-display) integer or integer range expected in op list

I am using the following commands to create an animation of a simple cardioid being traced out. I would like to add to this an animation of the filling of the region bounded by the curve and the coordinate axes as the curve is being traced out. How might one achieve this?


animatecurve([2-2*sin(theta),theta,theta=0.. 2*Pi],coords=polar,axiscoordinates=polar,frames=250, numpoints=300, scaling=constrained)


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