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@Carl Love : Agreed. I was just trying to provide a suggestion that would work with the existing code.

@Teep : I don't have anything in the package for weighted clustering, but in reading up on some options, perhaps the suggestions on this StackExchange post would be helpful:


The main idea is just to make multiple copies of the data proportional to the weights. I haven't tried it and it might end up being more work than it's worth, but it might provide one potential solution for using the existing tools.

@Teep : Glad to hear that the install worked. I'll upload a copy of the latest version here: ClusterAnalysis.zip This includes the help file so you can read more about the commands. I don't recall if I have tested Maple 18 or not with the package, but I think it should work (though the recently introduced voronoi visualization option in ClusterPlot won't work unless you have 2019).

Just in case you are having issues with using the library, once you download these files, put them into a folder and add that folder to your library paths in Maple. For example, you might do:

libname := libname, "C:/PathToDownloadedFiles":

If you want to access this library whenever you start Maple, you can also add the line above to a Maple initialization file. See here for more details: https://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/Maple/view.aspx?path=worksheet/reference/initialization

@Teep@Carl Love: As Carl mentions, there are plenty of different algorithms for cluster analysis. If memory serves, Carl's code is for fuzzy c-means clustering and I have unfortunately not found the time to incorporate that into the package that I worked on for cluster analysis yet.

Here's the link to Carl's MaplePrimes post on c-means clustering from a few years ago: https://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/211184-Fuzzy-Cmeans-Clustering 

The package that I worked on and added to the MapleCloud is for k-means clustering. You can download the package here: https://maple.cloud/app/5629844458045440/ClusterAnalysis (or via the MapleCloud in Maple). If you are using an older version of Maple that doesn't have the package cloud, then you can grab the mla and help files from my Github repository for the package. There are some nice additional commands in the package too for plotting the results of cluster analysis and the beginnings for other commands on confusion tables and matrices.

I would echo what Carl suggests, start with the Wikipedia pages on these topics. If you have any questions about the differences between the two algorithms I mention above, please feel free to ask.



Hi Erik,

Thanks for the report. I can confirm that this is an issue and we should have a fix in for 2019.2.



Hi Erik,

Maple 2019.x is already entirely 64-bit, so in that way, it should be fine for Mac OS 10.15. There are a couple of other issues that we do have to sort out before 10.15 is out though, so 2019.2 will likely be a compatibility release for 10.15.



This looks like a bug. I've submitted a report. 

@nm : Without digging into it a bit deeper, I'm not sure if the Visualization.mm file has another typo or not. In any case, the way that I read these files is that they are used to show how interconnected package files can be structured. I'm not sure that there's any interesting functionality here at all but I will dig into it and see what information I can uncover. In the meantime, as was mentioned in a previous post, there is an entry point to the content in the Programming Guide.

One more typo occurs in the Data.mpl file:

3) export BadRandom; should be export export BadBits;

A new command, Correlogram, has been added to the Statistics package for Maple 2019. More details: https://www.maplesoft.com/products/maple/new_features/Maple2019/Statistics.aspx or ?Statistics,Correlogram

@Fereydoon_Shekofte : Actually, Maple 2019 is supported on Windows 32-bit; we will update the Maple Roadmap page accordingly. 

@samlin : I certainly share the opinion that we have a few too many strange options in the interface. We are working on streamlining some of this as we speak.

I'll mention that some of what you are looking for may already be available on the markers context menu. If you don't have markers on, go to View - Markers, to enable the marker bar. After that, right click on the marker bar wherever you want to modify the area. "Show Command" should be there, but I'm not sure about the rest. 

@Christopher2222 : If you wanted to install a certain version of a package to an offline computer, you'll need to download it on another machine and then move the downloaded file to the offline machine, and finally run PackageTools:-Install("Physics+Updates.maple") on the moved file.

If you wanted to download the file without a copy of Maple copy the following URL to your browser:


@Christopher2222 : This is covered on the overview page for the Physics update. You can just do:

PackageTools:-Install("5137472255164416", version = 123, overwrite)


I would start with the following FAQ page:


If something on here works, then please report back and let us know what worked.

If nothing works, contact technical support at support (at) maplesoft.com - they should be able to help you debug this issue.

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