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@Ronan : We've made a few changes in Maple 2017.0 to address some existing concerns for high resolution monitors. Specifically, we've addressed a few issues with the variable manager as well as some issues with plot font sizes. We haven't addressed the issues that @erik10 mentions above, but several of those will be fixed in the first dot update for Maple 2017. As previously mentioned, if you encounter any issues, please do report them to us and we will do our best to resolve the issues as fast as possible.

@Christopher2222 : You might be interested in the ability to add annotations to points and curves in plots in Maple 2017. See https://www.maplesoft.com/products/maple/new_features/Maple2017/Visualization.pdf or the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53pvlAcVQ18 for more details.

@erik10 : I purposely left out the question of more uniform scaling of the entire Maple worksheet from my previous answer. In my opinion, that's where Maple needs to get to; if zooming (or scaling) a Maple worksheet meant that everything (plots, images, text, math, components, etc) all scaled proportional to zoom level, that would be even better, however it's still a long ways off and is a rather difficult project that may require a drastic rework of Maple's current model. That said, some of the fixes that I refer to in my previous are in fact for plots, so hopefully you'll see incremental improvements as we go.

Issues with high resolution displays have definitely been on our radar for a while now. We took steps in Maple 2015 to begin to address these issues, however there are still many issues that remain. I would encourage everyone to continue to add comments and file tickets with us (either here or via the submit change request form on MaplePrimes or the beta forum). We are working on fixes for several of the issues named in this post and we will continue to work to try to resolve all issues as fast as we can.

To give some more context, this is a bit of a tricky project for our team as we are required to work around a couple of issues with Java as well as some Windows limitations; it was mentioned above that many laptops are using default text zoom of 200% - this is something that Windows actually cautions against doing as it "may lead to unexpected behaviour" so it's interesting that some laptop manufacturers are shipping with it as a default. That being said, we still want Maple to "just work" regardless of these issues, so we are going to continue investigating fixes - in fact, we're already testing some fixes for several of the aforementioned issues for a future release of Maple.

In the meantime, one thing that you may try in order to get around the stated issues with cluttered help menus (and potentially some others) is to revert the default text scaling to 100% and to instead apply DPI scaling to scale the interface as well as the text. I do definitely understand that this isn't an optimal suggestion to give to a classroom of students, but it may help in the short term.



Maple Product Management

@Markiyan Hirnyk Agreed. I'll add an internal ticket to give more detail on output (and other parts of this page too).

It doesn't really cut down the number of steps, but the Import command supports an output option that allows you to give a desired output format. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to support Vector, so you still need to convert from Matrix to Vector, but I figured I'd mention it just in case you were really just looking for a rtable.

data := Import("http://fs3.fex.net/get/245716150875/11071260/data.txt",format="CSV",output=Matrix);

@Ronan : We'll make a note to try and fix up the documentation a bit. Hopefully I can answer the rest of your questions:

1. Assuming you are talking about the "Save As" action on an existing Workbook, then yes, all of the files that are contained in the original Workbook are saved in the new Workbook. It's really just a file rename (plus any changes that may have been done since last save of the original document).

2. The Maple Workbook is basically a SQLite database file. All of the attachments are stored inside of this file. For any non-Maple mw files, you should be able to right click on them and go to "Show in folder", which will open the containing folder inside of the Workbook database file. Now there isn't a way to access this from outside of Maple (that I know of), but inside of Maple, you can access Workbook content using the same file / folder structure as is shown in your workbook navigator tree. So say you had an Excel file attached to your Workbook. You should be able to do:


In the above "this:///" represents the root of the Workbook tree. Have a look at ?worksheet,workbook,uri for more detail.

3. This one's easy. It's the first letter of the filename for the Workbook. We added this to give some visual indication that files belong to a given Workbook when you have multiple Workbooks open.

4. Not yet. But revision control is definitely on our radar with the Workbook project.

I hope that covers it. If not, let me know.

This is somewhat difficult to diagnose without any examples. The context menu usually "just works", so I'm curious if you have any ways to reproduce it not opening.

Are there any expressions that cause this to happen more than others?

What kinds of operations are you trying to do with the context menu?

Can you provide any other details on what seems to cause this to happen?

Building on @Carl Love's answer, you may also be interested in quickly viewing a summary for the model using the summarize option (Maple 2016+):

X:= <21.2, 24.7, 20.8, 20.8, 20.3>:
Y:= <16.6, 19.7, 16.4, 16.8, 16.9>:
L:= Statistics:-LinearFit([1,x], <X|Y>, x, summarize);


Model: 1.4368206+.73484134*x
              Estimate  Std. Error  t-value  P(>|t|)
Parameter 1    1.4368    2.6933      0.5335   0.6307
Parameter 2    0.7348    0.1246      5.8985   0.0097
R-squared: 0.9206, Adjusted R-squared: 0.8942

@tomleslie : I can't speak for the rest, but I'm not sure if I'd say none of the systems want to admit that they are using LAPACK, BLAS, etc. Check out the section 'The Computation Engine' in the first chapter of the Maple programming guide: https://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/Maple/view.aspx?path=ProgrammingGuide/Chapter01 

I would definitely be in favour of this. This has been mentioned a few times ( see http://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/207108-New-Look-Of-MaplePrimes#comment201900 for some more recent comments), though I don't think anyone has actually gone through the process of creating the proposal on Area 51, so it's great that you did.

Personally I like both MaplePrimes and Stack Exchange for different reasons. I find myself on both sites daily. In case it's useful for anyone else, I created a twitter feed that aggregates posts from both MaplePrimes, all the Stack exchange pages and the Google group for Maple here:


Just in case anyone didn't see it, NVIDIA has posted a fix: https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4378  So updating your NVIDIA driver to 378.57 or above should resolve the issues.

@Henjue : We've been looking into this issue and found the following thread on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/5pydv9/dont_install_nvidia_gpu_driver_version_37849_it/ It would appear that NVIDIA is working on a hotfix. We will still continue looking into it from our end too, but it may be beneficial to hold off updating to the latest NVIDIA driver until a newer hotfix is available.

If it helps, here's a png version of the help icon that ships with the Windows version. It is 256x256, so you might need to rescale it.

@Christopher2222 : Sorry, I spoke too soon. The two-argument calling sequence for GetDocumentProperty actually isn't available yet. It will be available in Maple 2017.

For now, you can only use the GetDocumentProperty command to interogate the current document.

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