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@Konstantin@ : Thanks for your comments - we look forward to more feedback as you spend more time with Maple 2018.

I've got a couple of comments regarding 2 & 3.

2: This may not have been clear in my post, but maplemint is first and foremost a Maple command that can be used anywhere in your Maple session. You can call it using:

maplemint( SomeProcedure );

The change in 2018 is that the Code Editor uses this for code analysis. The Code Edit Region would be a nice addition for a future release.

3. Maple does still have predefined zoom increments under the View menu as well as in the options menu as system defaults. Just in case you haven't encountered it, you can also use the Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons on the main toolbar - these use more uniform stepping. What's more, I often use the CTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in or out on my document. That being said, the zoom isn't perfect - if your comments are regarding a full worksheet zoom that includes plots, then I would agree that there is still work left to do!




It's not in Maple 18, but it is in Maple 2018 ;)

Maple 2018 has added the ability to rotate both tickmarks in 2D-plots as well as text in the plots:-textplot command using the 'rotation' option. For more details see: https://maplesoft.com/products/maple/new_features/Maple2018/visualization.aspx

It's also worth noting that there are 27 total "Maple" pages on Wikipedia. Many of the other pages aren't updated as frequently as the English page, but still have many regular visits:

This has been on our list for some time. We are planning to add new options in Maple 2018 to accomplish this for both tickmark labels as well as rotation of text in textplots.

@John Fredsted : If you want x^2 to print out with 2 as an exponent, just provide the entry as x^2 without strings. Alternatively, you can also control the output of the annotation using typesetting - this will allow for you to use strings as well as typeset math.

plot(x^2,annotation=[typeset("A plot of %1", x^2)]);

@aminiyasser : Any code that you can provide our technical support team with will help in the investigation.

@aminiyasser : If possible, just save your document and send the mw file to the support team.

@aminiyasser : Sure, if you can send us an email at support@maplesoft.com , we'll look into this issue.


@aminiyasser : It would be helpful if you could add a couple of lines of code that reproduce what you're seeing. Could you add an example?

Are you using the latest update for Maple 2017.3?

@DJJerome1976 : This is a bug in plots:-display. We have filed a ticket and will hopefully address this in a future release.

Thanks for this report. We have filed an internal ticket to make DiscretePlot a little less restricitve, so that this example should just work in the next release of Maple.

@Mac Dude : Maple cannot "save" a Workbook as a Worksheet because they are fundamentally different formats. Since Workbooks can have associated attachments, which can include Maple Worksheets, the only way to move from a Worksheet inside of a Workbook to a Worksheet is to export it to that format. This can be done by going to File - Export As. Once you have exported the Workbook to a Worksheet, it should open in older versions of Maple - but there are always issues that may arise when opening newer Worksheets in older copies of Maple regardless of if they started as Workbooks or not.

@AndersDD : If you are having issues uploading your file to MaplePrimes, please try to zip it before upload. I've seen MaplePrimes corrupt .maple files so this may account for the bad link that's mentioned above.

This looks like a typesetting issue that has been around for a while. I've submitted an internal report for this.

@claus christensen : I just tested this and was able to reproduce issues with the workbook file format - I actually don't think that it's related to the MapleCloud, it's in the workbook file itself. 

In this attached file: Test_2.zip, I'm able to reproduce an issue with the exports for the 'TestPackage' package.

I was able to reproduce the issue by doing the following:

  • Adding your procedure code to a new worksheet and save it as a new workbook.
  • Run the procedure code and execute with(TestPackage):.
  • Save that package module to the workbook and closed the file.
  • Re-open and run with(TestPackage):, the Danish characters show up as empty characters (boxes) and the respective command is no longer accessible. 

I don't have any good workaround for this yet, but will pass this along to our developers right away. I'm also not sure why your file is affected when the 'Kryptologi' package isn't. We may need to iterate back and forth a couple of times in order to get to the bottom of this, so I'll send you an offline email to discuss further.

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