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Dear All,

I have problems connected with a double integration in Maple.

The simplified task with its description is in the uploaded file.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You!

For example, how to round 45.67845 up to 3 digits after comma?

expected answer - 45.678

Dear Maple Users,

I do need to find the intersection of two surfaces which defined by two equations eq1 and eq2, (see attached file).

There was similar question on the MP:

, but that doesn't work in my case. And I can't understand why....





Dear Maple Users,

I can't understand why fsolve returns "x,y in the equations and are not solved for"???

the example in attached file.


thank you in advance! Any help is appreciated.



Dear Maple Users!

I'm quite beginner in Maple. I will appreciate all of your help and a guidance.


I have written the simple procedure (in attached file) and it takes about 40 sec to make

one cycle on i5 2.8Ghz, 4Gb RAM, Win7x64, Maple 14 x64. I believe that it can be solved much 

more faster.


What are the ways to speed up my procedure?

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