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Dear Maple Users,

I'm beginner in Maple and I will appreciate any help and guidance.


I need to integrate function (which values vary in wide range) on the specified domain.

Maple returns Float(undefined) error. Is there any way to overcome this?

the question is in attached Maple file


Thank you in advance.

I've a 3d surface built by the point's set;

It looks like this:


The question is:

1. how to build a surface based on this data?

2. how to define whether the arbitrary point (x,y,z) is inside this surface or not?

I simplified the real task and

the principal problem is how to assign a condition( if x < 3 then t := 0 elif x >= 3 then t := 5 end if) to a variable t which depends on x (x is a argument of function g(x))?

Is it possible at all without writing the procedure?

Here is the code:

g := proc (x) options operator, arrow; 2*x+t end proc; if x < 3 then t := 0 elif x >= 3 then t := 5 end if; plot(g(x))

Dear Maple Users,

I'm solving quite a complicated task, so I tried to simplified an example.

There is an equation:

SOL := fsolve(Nz+int(int(StrssCctXY(x, y), x = -(1/2)*b .. (1/2)*b), y = -(1/2)*h .. (1/2)*h) = 0, {C1 = -(1/2)*h .. (1/2)*h})

 StrssCctXY(x,y) is piecewise function containing C1 variable, to solve an equation I had to use assumptions on C1 via assume(C1<num1, C1>-num2) command, after that C1 becomes C1~;


I tried to find the list of hotkeys for Maple's commands but I found nothing.

Is there any hotkeys?


for example, It would be useful to have hotkeys for 'execute ALL toolbar', for Greek letters.

In MathCAD you write Latin analog + 'ctrl + G' and the programm returns Greek letter. for example to achieve 'alpha' you have to input a + 'ctrl+G'.


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