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I have been unable to get any sensible output from the SphericalY function in MAPLE 12. With the command:  testp:=SphericalY(1,0,phi,theta), for example, the output line is just the command line. The only input parameter list that seems to give anything else is (0,0,0,0), which gives testp=0.

Don Ritchie

I just uploaded the file: I'm running Maple 10.05. The problem is more curiosity and annoyance than practical, at this point, but: If I remove the with(RealDomain) at the top of the file, everything runs fine and a nice plot is produced. Keeping the with(RealDomain) statement, results in ERROR, invalid object in MESH. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Don Ritchie
I have succeeded in generating a nice plot of a surface in which I am interested, and have calculated geodesics on the surface. Is it possible to display one (or more) geodesic curves on a 3D plot of the surface? If so, would someone point me in the right direction to do so. I've looked at "multiple", but don't see how it's applicable to my problem. Don Ritchie
Using Maple 10.05 with Windows XP Pro, how do I write a Maple command containing the _ character, without having it make a subscript? Specifically, there are some defined procedures whose names contain the _, such as geodesic_eqns(.....) in the tensor package. I've tried all kinds of key combinations, without success, to get that _ not to act as a subscript designator. Don Ritchie
Has anyone tried to export a 3D plot from Maple 10 to TurboCad 10.5 or 11.2? When I try this, the dxf file is produced, but when I open it in TurboCad, only a blank drawing is produced. Am I missing something? Don Ritchie
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